Hello world!

The story begins!

2015-08-02 09.59.52-2

Isn’t it a good thing I don’t look like a real babelfish :’)


Anyway – allow me to introduce myself. My name is Charis. Pronounced Ka-ris, not Cha-ris…. and not Claris or Kerris either. Just Charis. It’s a Greek name. No I’m not actually Greek, it was my parent’s choice. They liked it.

My life is about to change. No seriously. I’M GOING TO UNI. Exeter in fact. To study Spanish with beginner’s Russian. Yes, you heard me, with Russian. Why, you might ask? The challenge, new alphabet, I get to go abroad in my 3rd year and not my second (this made me choose against doing Arabic)… so yeah. Russian it is.

Anyway. The Blog. Yes, I guess I’d better explain the point behind all of this. I love to write. Hopefully, I write well, and you’ll carry on reading my nonsense and deriving a certain degree of amusement from it. Furthermore (boring-but-cool A-level English Lit word), I guess that after having tried to find a useful student site run by a student for other students and only coming up with, what, maybe two? I decided I would be the one dive in head first and make my own. So, here it is, 4th September, the day after my 19th birthday, and a week before the day I’m due to arrive at my new home; I’m not packing, sorting student finance or even watching a movie. I’m writing.

This blog is for students. No, scratch that, it’s for anyone that stumbles across it. I will be posting anything, from freshers to cooking to sport, music and who knows what else. I’ll post photos too (I have a great camera!). In essence, I just want to be me on here.

Hope that’s cool with everyone? 😉


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