Day 1 – Saturday 12th September 2015

This should be a quick one – I’m posting it the day after writing!Day of

Ok…. So I’m here. In Exeter. The mad pack this morning (because my room looked like this ^(above) until about 5 minutes before we left) meant we left late, and once we got here mum and dad ended up staying an extra half hour beyond the designated 20 minute period to help me cart all of my things up to my room on floor 3. I am so happy to be here! I’ve already filled the best part of one of the fridges and have an entire cupboard to myself!

I’ve been dreaming about this day for months – years even.

Finally getting here and having my own room (which is actually bigger than the one I have at home!), being able to meet my new flat mates and planning what I want to do over fresher’s week (there’s actually a knitting society!) has been so much fun and I’m thoroughly looking forward to the week ahead.

Ok. Being honest. You don’t have to go out drinking on your first night. Or your second. Or at all. I haven’t. To be even more honest, my flatmates had a drinking pre drinks game session, then I went back to my room for a few minutes to find a tea towel, and by the time I got back, they’d gone. Also, my friend had forgotten to text me about when she was going out so I could join, so I stayed and unpacked my boxes instead and put up my pictures and read my welcome pack. And it’s fine. (I’m not blaming them by the way, by 9pm I didn’t really fancy waiting in the 2hour long queues to get into the Lemon Grove, a free freshers event!)

I really feel strongly that you shouldn’t have to change who you are, stay up late if it’s not what you want to/normally do, or try and impress other people, even your flat mates, in fresher’s week. You’re going to be here for a year anyway. So start as you mean to go on. Don’t fake it – you can’t keep up the extrovert fascade for your whole course!

Saying this, it’s hard. You feel pressure to want to be a part of everything. Or you might end up with no friends. Well banish that one folks – you won’t end up a hermit living alone. Like I said. You’re here for a WHOLE YEAR at least. They will get to know you and respect your choices.

*Rant over*

I’ve just decided that I want to enjoy this week – and if that means I’m a little undecided and choose to stay in on my first day, then that’s ok.

Anyway, scrawl over for now! More tomorrow!


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