Day 2 – Sunday 13th September 2015

First one up this morning as usual! The communal table still had some remains from the pre-drinks and drinking games and as I was alone I snapped some shots because I wanted to play with the manual settings on my camera and the early morning light through the big windows in our shared kitchen.

After the party

Looking at it now, I think the cards/bottles one needed a bit more exposure and possibly less of my shadow 🙂

bottle lids

Breakfast today: 1 fried egg with 1/2 an avo, some broccoli, mushrooms and spinach and sprinkled some ground flaxseed over the top. It was simple but delish because I used coconut oil to cook it in. Oh, and the blueberries ❤ My absolute faves 🙂

Day 1 Breakfast

Still experimenting with my camera settings so some of my early shots will not be as good! I returned to the kitchen about 10 minutes later to do some washing up after myself and one of my flat mates had made his breakfast – which included about 8 eggs – and lined the egg shells up along the sink. I don’t think he’d even cooked them as there was no frying pan in sight! Made me chuckle as I regularly drove my mum insane with the amount of eggs I get through!

So yeah – you’re probably wondering what it’s been like so far? Well we’ve already run out of loo roll, apparently they only provide one per toilet and that’s it. It’s a pretty cruel awakening in the Adult World. You have to buy your own bog roll. It will not just magically appear. I also realised pretty quickly that I have no clothes hangars and no chest of drawers to compensate. So I’m going to be looking for the nearest place to get those tomorrow! Oh, and we have no toaster. I don’t feel too deprived, I don’t really eat bread – (Ok, I don’t eat it at all) – but I can sympathize with the others. We’re going to put together for a 4 slot one asap.

My block is sat next to this amazing lake and wood so I’m going to be having some early morning adventures in there I’m sure! Pictures will follow 😉 It’s one of the older blocks at Lafrowda, one of the halls of residence on campus, so it’s really convenient because it’s a few minutes walk to everything. I’m so blessed to be here really because it’s one of the cheapest places of accommodation and my maintenance loan not only covers it but I have extra. I wasn’t allowed a grant; my parents’ income was too high, despite the fact that I have 3 siblings, which student finance apparently take into account. But I’m not complaining. I’m happy here. It’s not as luxurious as ensuite but it’s still good 🙂 So as I’m sat here writing this now at my huge desk, feeling a bit more organised, I think I really am going to enjoy it here.

What’s up for tonight? I believe I and some of the other Block F girls are heading over to the Welcome Drinks event at a place called Phoenix. None of us know where it is, so we’ll need to find a map!

NB: *Just warning y’all, I might not post so regularly in the future due to studies etc so it’s kind of a hobby. Sorry that the first few posts might be a bit boringy updatey/ journalistic – hopefully once term starts things will get going! Oh, and once all of the taster sessions start too! Goodness knows what I’m in for this week!


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