So tomorrow is Freshers Fair and I’m still figuring out what I want to join.

I saw the break dance demo yesterday in the forum and it looks kinda more like my thing. I mean, I’ve been harping on about gymnastics for ages but now that I’m here (and missed every gymnastics session without fail) I’m not so sure it’s what I want. I chatted to one of the guys at the break dance demo and said how I’d been teaching myself some moves from YouTube and he was like “no way who do you follow?” So I mentioned VincaniTV and he was like, “Yeah he’s my boy I know him he’s great!” So he was mega excited that I might join. Plus, its £25 A YEAR! I’m still going to ask about gymnastics at the fair tomorrow but I think I’ve changed my mind about what I want. Scary.

Ordered my first load of meat today – let me explain that better though. Basically, for a while, maybe 6-8 months, I’ve wanted to experiment with this thing called Paleo. It’s not a diet, it’s a life style. And it just seemed to match my criteria of what I want to eat to make my body work well. I’ve had a lot of tummy aches, bloating and stuff in the past, and it’s come to the point where I just don’t feel like nutritionally I’m doing the best for myself. So, now I’m at uni, it’s my money, and I can eat what I want. So, I checked out grassfed meats locally raised and found a sweet little deal from Pipers Farm in Exeter, (hence trying to find the farm shop yesterday), and they do free local delivery. So today I should be getting this thing called the Fitness Box, which has so much meat in it it’s going to last me a month. Possibly more. Not kidding. So I thought it was worth the upfront cost as I’m going to freeze it and literally it will last AGES. that way, all I need to do is get some fruit and veg and other bits and pieces like eggs, and that will only come to what, £10 a week tops? maybe less as I do use up literally everything, although this week was unfortunate with the fridge freezing all of my food :/

hey ho – I’m literally leaving it until the last minute to shop so here’s something I made with leftovers this morning – in America they call them ‘Zucchini Fritters’ which sounds better than ‘Courgette Fritters’.

zucchini fritters

They tasted pretty good actually. I used a frying pan with some coconut oil in which I brought before I came. I grated the courgette down with a cheese grater and mixed in 2 eggs, then just fried them in the pan. I recommend drying the courgette out before you make them so there’s not too much excess water! Just a little tip for you there 😉

N.B – If you’ve no idea what Paleo is – check out Steph Gaudreau’s site at for a good start and some amazing recipes 🙂


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