Report that keeps on growing……

There’s a little more to report on now that Freshers is almost over, and each time I try and publish this the student wifi in my room chooses not to work!

Where to start…. on Monday I went to this thing called Body Combat with the girls from my flat. It was a morning session and has to be the most hilarious thing I’ve ever done. An extremely energetic (and small) lady practically bounced around at the front squealing out exercises at us while we punched the air, squatted, karate kicked the person standing next to us (on both sides). It ended with the inevitable core sesh – gotta have some plank in there somewhere. I’m not joining personally, although the other girls are up for it πŸ™‚

I also tried out the main Symphony Orchestra. That was good. Nothing will be like the Worcestershire Youth Orchestra (with Rob Marshall as conductor –Β he’s the absolute boss and reason I stuck with it so long!), but it was friendly and I got into it after the initial fright of sight reading πŸ™‚ Not the cheapest society but the chamber orchestra (for stringed instruments only) might be slightly less and equally fun.

Some of us girls went to see Pitch Perfect 2 in the cinema and it had an amazing intro from the Exeter Male Acapella group which was stunning – seriously the talent was AMAZING! Best start to the film ever πŸ™‚ We laughed the whole way through and it was a great evening.

Last night was a bit more chilled – the girls in our flat hung out in the kitchen watching the bake off. A few went out but people are tired now from continuous partying.

Today, finally managed to meet up with the CU for the people in my block, which apparently has the most Christians in it normally and it turned out to be pretty accurate. We chatted together in a nearby park so it was nice and relaxed, and tonight I’m going to head to the main CU meeting in the Forum. After that it’s Avengers Age of Ultron (which I still haven’t seen) in the cinema! Hopefully joined by a flatmate too πŸ™‚ It’s only Β£2 this week for the film, which is a brilliant price considering normally you pay Β£8+ for Vue or Odeon.

Sadly, a lot of my food has gone off because the fridge apparently is a wannabe freezer. Try having tuna ice chunks for dinner; it’s…. interesting. Shopping trip no.1 will be taking place this weekend – hopefully at Aldi. I intend to cycle with my rucksack as it’s going to be the cheapest place to go until I can find my way to the farmers market and check out prices there.

Literally everything you want to buy you have to think about twice now. Do you have enough money? Will it last ages, or need to be consumed/used immediately? Will your flatmates want some?

I made my first trip into town today to sort out my phone at the 3 store. I changed to 3 the day before I came. Big mistake. My number didn’t change over for days, and even when it had, my phone was still texting from the wrong number! But they sorted it and I went for a nosey about my new home city and it’s a really nice place. Found a cool ukalele shop called Maker Maker whilst trying to find the Pipers Farm shop on Magdalene Street.


I thought my sister Beth would appreciate this as she has a ukalele πŸ™‚

I also found some really yummy coconut icecream in ‘Healthy Pulses’ near the high street and it was SO GOOD!

Coconut icecream

Yum. So yeah my little explore of Exeter city centre was great πŸ™‚ I feel like I know where to go now – especially if I need to collar someone from the 3 store if I have further phone troubles :’)

Anyways. Last night I went to the CU central and it was great to be able to relax and worship a bit and listen to someone from Belmont Church talk. I also re-met some of the girls from my block so that was awesome!

I then rushed off at 9ish to catch Avengers Age of Ultron in the student cinema πŸ™‚

So yeah to present all’s been good. I’m still looking forward to lectures. I bought Β my first core modules book for Russian which is exciting. My flat mates Bex and Katie who came with me at the time were mind blown that I’d be learning Russian all over again just looking at the writing in the book!

But this report must end somewhere……


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