Feeling like a proper student now

Freshers fair was amazing. Just UNBELIEVABLE.

Ok, to start it wasn’t so much. You got crushed in the middle of a crowd the moment you entered any of the buildings or halls, and there were stalls crammed tight everywhere. So many freebies…. I have a massive XL shirt which is practically a dress from Deliveroo (something I never intend to actually use, but in the true spirit of being a student grabbed the freebies on offer on the stall because, well, why not?) I got a load of pens too and a highlighter which I’m pretty happy with.

At first I thought actually, maybe I won’t join anything. I couldn’t find the stalls for the stuff I wanted to join anyway, and the atmosphere was fizzling with excitement as people turned up to join… oh I don’t know – knitting club, or the chocolate society. (Yes they exist here at Exeter, along with a few other odd balls like the Hide-and-Seek society).

Then I realized that actually the stalls I needed where elsewhere on campus, and after finally locating them, I managed to join a) the music society, aptly named Exetunes, which gives me access to the music rooms, instrument hire etc and also allows me to go for an orchestra. I booked my audition with the Chamber orchestra, the cheaper of the two, and await that with terror….. (Why do I do this to myself??!)

Then I finally found the Breakdancing society, which was not in the Peter Chalk building as marked on the maps but actually outside the forum. It kinda made sense that they weren’t behind a table, it meant they could rock up with a stereo and literally advertise by jamming right there. I can’t wait for my sessions with the crew, it seems pretty chilled.

Then I joined gymnastics. This one was more expensive than the other things, but it’s only one session a week at the moment and it fits in nicely between some lectures so I’m happy. I can’t wait, in fact.

It feels like finally I can do things I thought I’d never get to try because I had no money or it was too late. Uni’s good for that I guess.

I can’t wait for lectures to start on Monday I’m so stoked.

I practiced the cello in my tiny room again today ready for the audition (still freaking out) and managed to wedge myself between the wardrobe and desk to have enough bowing room. Yup that Exetunes membership is going to come in handy!

I also made my first trip to Aldi with one of my flat mates (Ellen) and didn’t quite anticipate how heavy tins of sweetcorn and veg were going to be in my rucksack and on a bike in a very hilly city…. But I made it home! And I didn’t even smash any of my eggs! (We wrapped them in Ellen’s tea towel just in case!) The look on her face as I loaded everything into my ruck sack was priceless – she couldn’t believe I was actually going to try and cycle with something so heavy! I just laughed it off (until I had to cycle uphill with it)… I reckon in the end the ruck sack was heavier than my cello! My shoulders still ache even now!

Later in the afternoon Me, Bex, Sarah and Ellen went into town to go shopping and get some bits and bobs. We went to the cafe at the top of the massive John Lewis and ended up chatting for ages about things – I’m so lucky to have such lovely flat mates ❤

Tomorrow I’m off to the church search in the morning – hoping to go to Belmont as I’ve heard good things about it and the pastor came to talk at the CU Central meeting thingy on Thursday. Tonight I think I’m just going to chill out with my flat mate Bex and watch something on Netflix.

Can’t believe Freshers week is almost over!!!!!!! Ahh where did that time goooo????


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