Tomorrow Lectures Start…

It’s kind of sobering to realize that the hard work begins tomorrow. I know that for your first year you only have to pass about 40% to be able to carry on with your course, but I always put a lot of effort in because I want to do well.

Tomorrow, I will have my first lecture in Russian. Not in Russian, but for beginners I mean. So it’ll be in English πŸ™‚ Thank goodness!

I’ve already started learning the alphabet on this amazing app called Quizlet where you can test yourself. It’s great for verbs and vocab etc. And learning the Russian alphabet, should you be interested πŸ˜›

I made a chicken korma curry for lunch today which was probably too spicy to actually qualify as a korma, but it stank the room out and made my clothes smell too. My flat mates (especially the lads) are very impressed with my cooking skills. (Thanks mum!)

I’ve tried to explain a little bit about how big my family is… like how my uncle is only 4 months older than me. That gets most people. But this is why I know how to cook. I come from a huge family, where leftovers and reheating food is life. Double. Quantities. For. Everything.

….Plus I just like to cook, so that always helps πŸ™‚

Ok, so today is more chilled. No one is going out tonight. Everyone wants to get organised before lectures tomorrow. I’m still desperately awaiting the arrival of some clothes hangers mum bought me on ebay because we forgot to pack any so my clothes are on the floor of my wardrobe right now. This is survival to the extreme, seriously πŸ™‚

I’ve been to my first church today – Belmont Chapel. It’s ok, but I felt like it wasn’t for me. So next week it’s Grace Church.

Still madly practicing the cello for my audition next weekend. Aaah scary!Β It’ll be ok though, apparently they usually don’t listen to the whole thing anyway so they will probably stop me after the first page. Mmm what can I play that has an easy first page…? πŸ˜‰

Anyways, this entry was going to be brief as I too want to get a bit more organised for tomorrow. My first lecture is at 9:30am – it’s Spanish Language. The worrying thing is I have no idea where ‘Harrison 004’ is…. might want to ask about that one!


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