First full day of Lectures and some interesting misdirections

Today was my first full day with lectures – it was ACE. Can you tell how excited I am yet??

My first lecture at 9:30am was entirely in Spanish which made me very happy, and the second one was about translation so by the time I walked out of that one I was practically flying away on a magical unicorn 😉

Later, my first taste of Gymnastics since I used to do it when I was five meant getting utterly lost in Exeter – but actually it turned out that I’d found it, it was just hidden behind a language clinic building! So there I was confusing all of the pedestrians as I went backwards and forwards circling this clinic for at least 20 minutes. Once in, I was thrown in the deep end. Somersaults. On my first day. Not quite what I was expecting, but hey, I guess that’s what I wanted to learn. I almost got it as well – next week I intend to be pro (slightly ambitious!). The great thing though was meeting this girl I’d met at Belmont Church on Sunday and she’d been doing gym since she was six, so she helped me out and I improved a lot with her. Friends are good 🙂

I then had to dash off for my first Russian lecture. This proved to be a bit slow, but my teacher (she asked us to call her by her first name, Katherine (NB NOT Kathy) showed us around this thing called ELE where we can get lots of our module work and things – which was quite useful. She also taught us some of the Russian Alphabet, starting with the 5 letters most similar to the English alphabet and with similar sounds = A K T O M. She’s quite quirky so she was amusing to observe.

The drama of my day was HSBC refusing my payment for my accommodation fee – but apparently I have another 10 days to submit it so I’m on their case, not to worry! Fortunately Ellen (my lovely flatmate) had her head screwed on tighter than mine when I had a small panic about it at midday, and told me not to stress! 😉

But yeah, now I simply do my work, and await my new printer and iphone in the post. Oh, and my hangers….. 😉


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