The weekend – time to relax?

Finally made it through my first week of lectures and to be quite honest I am tired. Not least because I’m learning an entirely new language and alphabet at high speed, but also because of the late nights I’ve been having. For someone who practically never used to go out in the evening because she’d be way too tired after a full day of A-Levels and rowing, this is really difficult to handle. I just don’t get how my colleagues can do it virtually every night!

Last night, I ignorantly supposed I would get some sleep to catch up. No such chance.

I went ย to the break dance society social which was chilled and fun but I didn’t go out clubbing. Got home and discovered that yet again the club had come to me, into my flats small kitchen, where my flatmates had come up with a new drinking challenge: down 1 pint of any drink (they accept that I don’t drink and let me pick something non-alcoholic) in under 15s for the boys and under 20s for the girls, otherwise there would be a forfeit – which, knowing Rob quite well, and seeing as he set the challenge, it probably involves eating a tablespoon of paprika. The cinnamon challenge 2.5.

So I downed my pint of water in 9.15 seconds, beating a few of the lads which made me feel slightly proud of myself, although it meant I had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet ๐Ÿ˜‰

The only issue really were the screaming banshees outside my window at 12am preventing me from falling asleep, (the walls and windows in my block are so thin you can hear everything outside as though it were in the corridor outside your room) and then one very drunk Rob holding the doorbell button down when he forgot to take his keys with him when he went out to other flat parties in Lafrowda. At 4.15am. 4.15ย AM! And everyone else was fast asleep aided by alcohol to keep them that way, so I ended up having to let him in, which meant returning to sleep was almost impossible. (He did apologize later once sober).

Hopefully it won’t happen again. Although, there won’t be much chance of catching up sleep tonight either, as it’s Trevor’s 20th birthday and apparently we’re all going out clubbing (again). Just can’t get enough booze.

It’s stretching me a lot. I never expected to be able to put up with so much but I’m kind of hoping things will tone down at least a little once workloads increase. I’m also trying not to think about how ridiculous that hope actually is?!

Did my morning shop today. I was laughing as I got back at 10am and in walks Alec, who’s only woken up about 15 minutes ago, and I’ve already shopped and effectively done an intense cardio workout (Exeter is so hilly! This combined with two heavy rucksacks full of food made it an absolute thigh burner). Still, it’s worth it for Aldi’s prices :’)

Today I have my audition for the chamber orchestra, and I also have a job interview at Coffee #1 in town. So fingers crossed and praying hard. I’m also going to get myself some avocados – I’ve found an amazing little fruit and veg shop which sells them for 69p!!! BARGAIN ๐Ÿ˜€

Tomorrow I’m trying out Grace Church…. so I’ll update on how that goes sometime soon!

Til then ๐Ÿ˜‰


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