At the completion of week 2

Woo survived another week! Bring on the next one.

Just to say, I changed the theme as I wasn’t quite sure that the previous one really reflected my studies and general working out of life alone as an adult….so chalk board it is 🙂

*Moving swiftly on* I tried out Grace Church today and to be honest it was the best experience I’ve had so far. I really want to stick with this one. Forget trying all of them out….. I felt a lot more at home there and I also met this lovely fourth year Russian student (called Josie) who was really friendly and giving me the low down on her year abroad and what to expect! She’s even invited me to her house so she can cook me some Russian food for a little trial 😉 Another plus was one of the guys from the break dance society (I’m reliably informed that he’s called Hugh – but I’ve met that many people that I can’t be 100% sure). There were also a few other friendly students helping out and they were so lovely. I think this one might be a keeper? Who knows – I just think I want to go back next week and try it again. I might try a third one but I want to go back to Grace Church next week. They’re also doing a really amazing Bible study in Romans which is one of my faves :’) I don’t want to miss out.

I got back and felt really refreshed and recharged, which is good because most of block F crowded into our flat again to drown their sorrows in Carlesburg after the Rugby match last night. I’m not sure whether to be sad that England lost, or happy that Wales won because I drew Wales in my flat’s sweep stake. Maybe I should just go back to not caring? My flat mate Sarah was happy though, she’s Welsh!

Little update on the audition and the job interview at Coffee #1….

The audition was so relaxed – It’s probably the most comfortable one I’ve ever done. I made a few mistakes, which is annoying, but generally I think I played well. The guy judging actually played piano with me and enjoyed the piece so much that he didn’t stop me after the first page like I’d been promised he would but continued to the end, so I had to play all of the hard bits on page 3 which I was hoping to miss 😉 They always do that! Then I had to sight read, but he played with me so I actually found it easier, although it was super easy already – D major and basically crotchets and quavers the whole way through. Standard cello part. Although I made the mistake of playing in the wrong clef so we had to restart. (This can happen on the cello and is actually perfectly understandable really, as there are 3 clefs and it has a massive pitch range – but still not ideal in an audition and particularly when playing an extract from Mozart.)

The interview was with a lovely bouncy Lithuanian lady called Gertrude. (Try not to laugh too much at the name – she was lovely 🙂 ). We tried to figure out some times that would suit me around lectures (which was hard), and then she asked me some questions about situations I’d been in in the past when working for Costa etc. I did my best, and it seemed really positive. There’s some training and a trial shift involved, all of which is paid, but I’m still concerned that it won’t fit so easily around my studies and church and societies/clubs. So we’ll see. It may or may not work. If it’s going to make me stressed, I’m not doing it. I learned the hard way what happens when you take too much on and I’m not risking it again. No way.

Fortunately Josie (who I met at Grace church) said she knew the rugby club was often hiring out for weekend staff and it would have flexible and more student friendly shifts. Sounded much better than trying to fit four shifts into my busy schedule for Coffee #1, which yes, would be a great place to work, but I am not risking my sanity. I don’t even know how I passed my A-Levels considering how much I was doing each week. :O

Basically, I need about 1-2 shifts a week max, and preferably at the weekend. So I’m still looking. Josie also said she’d get her flat mate who works on the uni campus to send some info about where I can apply for jobs on campus which will be useful as well.

But yeah, now I’m back in my room writing this and about to start some work. Not that I have a lot (I keep on top of things) but I have to read a Spanish novel before my lecture sometime this week. And learn more Russian vocab. Wooo 🙂

So. Bring on week 3. What’s it got in store for me this time?


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