Adjusting to the uni life

My new iPhone finally arrived today. Apparently the reception at Lafrowda (my halls) recieved around 400 parcels today. 

I actually recieved my second bike basket today after the first one came without the rack (making it un-attachable to my bike). This was meant to help with my crazy shopping trips to lighten the load on my back. Guess what? The second one had no rack either! I asked for a refund this time….

Things are getting busy! 

I slept so deeply last night after a day of 3 lectures, 2 hours of gymnastics and then 1&1/2 hours of sightreading after a 1/2 hour walk to the actual venue where we practice on the other side of campus. 

Today, muscles are aching which I didn’t even know I possessed! Last week if you all remember I did somersaults in my first gymnastics session – well this week was cartwheels and round offs, both of which involve a lot more skill than I thought! So. Sore. 

I’ve made good friends with a couple of the girls in the gym and they are all really nice to me. I find my coach Anan funny -he’ll teach me something, then it’ll get to a point where he’ll always say, I can’t teach you anymore you have to do it yourself. And then he’ll just sit down and watch me like a critic. So then I practice and practice and practice. At least I can do cartwheels and round offs alone in the car park behind lafrowda block F. [NOT going to try somersaults without a spring floor and mat!!]

I’m loving it though 🙂 I literally feel in my element here. 

I’m doing everything I love all at once with enough time to do it all (for now anyway! Slightly concerned about how many hours a job will take up if I do get a place at Coffee #1 but we’ll see). 

I had to do a mini shop today for some toiletries and a few other things. I was just about to go when two of my flat mates Josh and Rob asked if I’d get them some tins of tomatoes and beans and they’d pay me back. Each tin is about 400g un-drained. I carried home 9 (one for me, four each for Rob and Josh). That’s 3.600g – or 3.6kg possibly(!) plus my 1kg of bananas, and some eggs. And a cucumber. I don’t know how I made it home. Ifyou’ve never been to Exeter, expect one thing and one thing only. Hills. Lots and lots of hills. Long steep ones, short steep ones, long gradual ones (absolute thigh burners), and short gradual ones (the nicest of the lot). But you get my point. Hills. 

Getting to lectures on time has been really hard today purely because my legs hurt so much :’) I joke about it being my work out but it’s not really a joke – it’s reality! 

Today was our much beloved cleaners deep clean day. We always tidy up the night before and we are her favourite flat. Seriously, she totally has a soft spot for us. She’s made us welsh cakes, fruit and nut bread (on Trevor’s Birthday complete with a card!) and she gave me some gluten, grain, egg and dairy free pasta which she ‘happened’ to buy ‘by accident’ (although I doubt she did and just wanted to give it to me!) her name’s Angela and we absolutely adore that woman!!! She spotted some of my photos and was chatting to me about the amazing moon eclipse thingy on Monday morning at 3am and how I should try and snap it (no chance of that having become reality though – I was WAY to sleepy to think about waking up at 3am!) 

We all need an Angela. She must be an angel 😇


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