End of Week Two

It’s time to test those ear plugs. Friday means partying, going out, drinking, pre-drinking…. the whole shebang.

Not me though. I have a ton of work I never managed to get round to mid week due to my phone arriving (and taking 4 hours to back up – not kidding). Also my printer took another two hours to figure out on Wednesday. I’m the kind of person where, once I start something, I won’t stop until it’s done, i.e. working. I ended up having to download every single app onto my phone separately and then remember all of my passwords! I almost lost my twitter account – which isn’t particularly important to me, or rather, it wasn’t until I had my wrists slapped on Monday about how I have to know all the current news around the world and twitter is the best way to keep up to date with that. Fortunately, I figured out today that I was still logged in on my laptop so I was able to reset the password.

To be honest, I think everyone in my flat (OK, all the girls at least) are feeling like staying in and working or putting on a movie. Maybe the party bug has died out slightly.

Ellen was a star today and helped me drop off the two bike baskets I’ve had knocking around my room for the past week. Basically, to help with my bigger, heavier Saturday shops, I tried to buy a cheap bike basked on Amazon so I could put stuff in there. The first one turned up without it’s rack to actually fit it onto the bike. I rang customer services and they arranged for a replacement. The replacement came…. with no bike rack. So I had to send both back and ask for a refund. But because of the awkward shape of the boxes, Ellen helped me carry them there. The post office happened to be inside a co-op on the high street anyway and she wanted some apples so it kind of worked out.

Won’t be doing that again.

Feeling a little bogged down by work but I’m breaking it down into lists and prioritizing so so far no panicking. I almost laughed when my lecturer for my Spanish History module said we had to work our way through the module’s selected bibliography and read one book a week. She’s joking. Ok, not really. But still…..

My main technique is to write down Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for the next whole week and then write in each space what home works are due in those days. Then I just start from Monday. The good thing is I get a week between pretty much every lecture to do stuff, but with all of this reading to be done I’m reluctant to leave it to the last minute.

I also can’t figure out where my tutor’s office is and I have to have a one-on-one meeting with him next week. His name is Gert Vonhoff and he isn’t even doing my languages (as you can probably tell from his amusing name, he does German). Nobody can really see the point in a tutor, apart from the fact that he’s our first port of call when we need a reference should we eventually figure out what in the world we want to do after uni as a career.

Having more interesting conversations with my flatmates about faith/God/Christianity etc.

Last night I got back on a high from Break Dance and there were a few in the kitchen. One guy said something about me having good karma or something, and I said, ‘but I don’t believe in karma.’ So then he said, ‘why not?’ So I said, ‘because I love Jesus instead’. And then he was like, yeah, I watched this thing by Stephen Fry where he questions all the pain and suffering in the world, and how can there be a higher power when all of that bad stuff happens. To which all I managed to say was ‘God doesn’t choose or make that stuff happen.’ It didn’t get much further. He wants me to watch the interview now. All I could think was, I said all the wrong stuff.

I dunno… these conversations are real brain workouts I’m telling you! But then he likes to ask my perspective on things for some reason.

So yeah, anticipating a more relaxing weekend, hopefully ploughing through some work and learning some more Russian (so I can show some of the know-it-alls in my Russian class I’m on the same level. I’m doing an Elle Woods (those that have watched Legally Blonde will know what I’m on about)). That’s another story though – I can’t believe how much butt-kissing people can do :O  Seriously guys, don’t be arrogant. It’s so unattractive!

I love my lecturer for my Russia: Empire and Identity module. She’s very quirky is Katherine Hodgson 😉 Today she was telling us about how she actually met the author of one of our books (Geoffrey Hosking author of Russia: People and Empire 1552-1917) in an interview to work for or with him for something, and she didn’t do well because she was distracted by his mono-brow. Then one of the girls in my class (Nicola) said she had always been told you couldn’t trust someone with a mono-brow, so now she could use that as evidence as to why Geoffrey’s theory about Russia not forming properly as a nation because it was too obsessed with being an Empire wasn’t true – because he’s now untrustworthy (due to the state of his eyebrows). You wouldn’t expect this kind of thing in classes I’m (or rather, Student Finance is) paying £9000 for, but it made for some light entertainment. Don’t worry, we did actually do some work that lesson 😉

Today I didn’t need to think too much about food – I had the other half of my Shakshuka for lunch with a sweet potato, and then made some tuna pasta for tea (with the gluten/egg/dairy free shell shaped pasta that Angela gave me!) it was yummy and simple. Pasta isn’t strictly Paleo as it contains grains normally but this stuff is made with rice flour, and white rice is considered OK as brown rice still contains toxic and hard-to-digest properties in the husk which is left on. There’s a good article about it which you can read here: http://paleoleap.com/about-rice/   at Paleo Leap. So yeah, sorry there’s no picture, but it was the pasta (cooked for 12 mins in boiling water with some Himalayan salt to bring out the flavor), sweet corn, a generous splash of olive oil, and half a tin of drained tuna (in brine). Lush.

That about does it really – I’ve run out of stuff to say now. I guess I just want to crack on, so that’s it for the time being!

Over and out 😉


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