Weekend paarrtaaying again.

So today began bright and early with lots of veg cooked in coconut oil and an omelette with some steamed broccoli. Saturday. My day of actually getting up to date with my work again.Ellen and I cycled to Aldi again. This time I have pictures to prove how ridiculous I look doing this 🙂

 I know – not the most attractive angle! 


She makes me laugh that girl. Good times 🙂

Today was a little slower – I managed to catch up with a lot of work which was great and I’m super prepared for doing the rest tomorrow! Lots of lists!!!

I think I’m gonna head to grace church again and see if it might be my church where I settle eventually 🙂 I met my friend Josie after a Russian lecture once this week which was ace so I’m hoping to see her again. Plus…. Free lunch! Total student!

Lunch today was so great Ive actually forgotten what I made 😉 but tea was a poached cod fillet with white rice and lime juice and some rind (actually tasted amazing!) I added some chopped cherry tomatoes too 🙂 mmmmm

Then later on in the evening when everyone went out to watch the rugby I prepped some beg for later in the week. I have a couple of lectures that start around lunch time so I tend to make stuff in advance. I roasted the parsnips I bought for parsnip chips again as I’m planning on having a steak on Monday (after gymnastics I’m going to need that protein!) I also roasted some butternut squash and some carrots so I could make a soup from the Performance Paleo Cookbook by Steph Gaudreau so I can just save it in portions for when I news items. This week it turns out I have quite a few ingredients for the recipes in the Whole30 book I got before I came so I’m going to be trying out some of those 🙂 Watch this space – I’ll try and snap some pics when I can – even if they are from my phone!!

By the way – thanks for all the like people I really appreciate it 🙂 makes me feel like more people are interested and not just those I’ve purposefully sent a link to! 😉 the more support the better – the transition to uni is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. In good ways and bad. But on the positive I think I’m doing ok 🙂 I mean, if you think about it, thousands of other people go through this every year so I’m not the only one.

I’ve been wearing the earplugs my granny sent me for 15 mins now. I’m trying to get used to them. How on earth do people sleep with these in?!?! They seem to block the sounds from the flat party in our kitchen quite nicely but it just feels really wierd. Might have to take them out!

Just had someone pound on my door calling my name. It’s probably Rob wanting me to down another pint of water.

Not tonight 🙂 gosh I’ve just realized that if I hadn’t locked my door they’d have come in and seen me wearing these ear plugs. *Awkward*

Slightly worried that with all of these people drinking we’re going to run out of toilet paper again. It happens! Be warned future students – if you share your toilet with others it’s highly unlikely that they will have the same hygiene standards as you – girls are usually fine, but guys?? Nuff’ said 😉 they seem to have no concept of how to use a toilet brush – or one of them doesn’t at least. Gross right?

Anyway… If I’m going to have a hope of not yawning through the service tomorrow is better try and sleep. Night all!


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