Arroz con huevo frito

This is actually a traditional Catalan/Spanish dish which I used to have a lot when I lived in Spain 🙂 I still love it now and it’s cheap and super easy to make but is absolutely delish! Try it, try it…. 😉 

I actually had this in my room as some of my flatmates were watching rugby in the kitchen and i didnt want to sit in the middle of the noise to try and eat 🙂


Makes 1 serving

1-2 egg(s)

~1 tbsp Oil (I either use coconut or extra virgen olive (EVOO), last night I used EVOO) 

1/4 cup Pasata (or 1/2 can chopped tomatoes if you don’t have any!

75g rice

1. Put the rice on to boil. Add some salt if you want it. 

2. Put the pasata on to simmer – careful it doesn’t burn!

3. Fry the egg in the oil – flicking oil on top to make it cook quicker. I like to flip mine over when some of the white around the yoke is still raw so it cooks the yolk more inside but it’s up to you how you like your eggs 😉

4. Drain the rice (if it’s Aldi’s finest quality it will have a gluey gloop on it so wash this off 😉 ). Put the rice into a bowl/ on your plate.

5. Put the tomato sauce on top.

6. Put the egg on top. Simples.

7. Eat! 

Feel free to add some herbs etc if needed. 

N.B. Pasata in the Uk isn’t as sweet as in Spain so it doesn’t taste exactly the same, but hey if you’re ever in Spain and can get your hands on some cartons of tomate frito feel free to try it out you will never be the same!!!! 


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