On the night of the Great British Bake Off

If you don’t watch it and you love cooking – you should! I don’t normally watch TV (I have too many other hobbies like playing the cello/reading/work etc) but I do occasionally have 1 program I make an exception for 🙂 GBBO is one of those.

Tonight is the final – Wooo 🙂

Some of the lads from my flat have a social where they have to sing a song as a group – Trevor (who happens to be a bit of a bad-ass guitarist in disguise) is playing so they can sing Stacey’s Mum. Most of them, judging by their rehearsals, are tone deaf. But you’ve got to applaud the fact that they put some effort in 😉 I harmonized it a bit but they weren’t interested in getting all fancy! Oh well…

Finally starting to feel the pressure of all of my work and how much I have. Still on top of it but barely. I’m learning to not get myself down about it though, as actually a lot of the other people in my modules/lectures have admitted that they feel the same. So we’re all going through the same stuff.

Hoping for a more chilled weekend now that I’ve done a top up shop to make stuff last hopefully until next Thursday. I went into town today to get more avocados and there weren’t any! It was really sad. I guess they are out of season, so I might have to get the occasional one from Aldi or something. What a shame.

Hey ho, off to bed (again). I never really know how to end these updates… but I normally write them before I go to bed as that’s when my brain can’t do much else in terms of work.

I might leave it a few days to accumulate a more lengthy update next time.

‘Til then 😉


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