Living the Life.

Hey hey hey, it’s the weekend again! 🙂

I had the most amazing and at the same time bizarre day yesterday, seriously. OK, more like in the evening. I went for Russian food with my friend Josie (the 4th year Russian student I met at Grace church when I first went). It was amazing! We started with some Borsch [борш]: cabbage, beetroot and potato soup. Yum. Normally it has beef in it but she didn’t add any to make it more budget friendly and also to make it into more of a starter. It was great anyway. We had Smetana (Sour Cream) to add to it. Makes me laugh every time because Smetana is a composer as well (Music jokes). Then for our main course we had this thing called Голубцы (“Galubtsee”) which were these delicious pork and white rice filled cabbage leaves all rolled up, and Гречка (“grechka”) which is buckwheat. Trust me it was divine!

Part of me was gutted at the same time though because my flatmates went to Zizzis – it was a last minute decision that they made this afternoon whereas I’d already accepted Josie’s offer a week ago. Gosh that leads me to another point… NUS extra cards are a nightmare. They say they’ll give you money off – for example, 40% off at Zizzis. But then you read the small print. Only 40% off on Mondays and Tuesdays, 20% off on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and it isn’t valid at the weekend when you would want to go out anyway. So in a way, I’m not too bothered about not spending a silly amount of money going out. Mixed up feelings.

I almost went out clubbing last night. It was a break dance social at Unit 1 and we would have all had to dance in the middle and take a turn, even if it was just to do one simple move. It’s to overcome our fear and increase confidence.Except I ate so much Russian food that; best case scenario I would have got a stitch, worse case scenario, I would have generously shared my Russian food with the club. Not nice. Also, I discovered quite late that I’d forgotten my Unit 1 Card so I’d have had to have paid to get in, but also I’d left my purse (which has my Unit 1 and ID card in it) so the odds were kind of against my going, which was a shame because I was so psyched up for it.

When I got back, I was going up the stairs in F block to my flat (F3 – aka floor 3) and I met this guy from F2 on the stairs. He was probably very drunk, but he kept asking my name and then he invited me into F2. We sat in the kitchen and had the most bizarre conversation. He said he was hungry and wanted me to help him order a Dominoes, but I was like, ‘I’m good I’m so full’ (from the Russian food feast I’d had a few hours before!). He asked me out 3 times as well…. I doubt he remembers our conversation today! It got to the point though where I had to text Ellen to ring me and pretend she needed me to help her with her essay (which she was still awake doing at 1am for some reason) and she obliged marvelously, acting all stroppy 🙂 I managed to get away in the end, and Ellen let me in upstairs. She was chuckling about how everyone else in my flat, the party flat, had gone to bed early, and it just happened to be on this night I was the one that came back at one in the morning!

I have so much work it’s unreal – although (feeling quite proud), I managed to get through a ton of it on Thursday and Friday, so hopefully I can get through some more of it this weekend ready for week 4. I have a slight dilemma in that I have to complete an electronic test on what I’ve done in Russian so far and I have no Russian keyboard. I’ll have to try and do it on my phone I suppose. I have more formative assessments in Spanish – the first one was a translation from a García Marquez novel I believe. I also have to try and submit one through the uni’s complicated BART submission system during reading week (week 6). We’re told that if we don’t submit before 10am on the day of the deadline they won’t mark it. Even if it’s submitted 1 second past 10am.

I’ve finally got round to getting some washing done!! Weyhey 🙂 Everything was collecting in the basket this week and I had enough today – I put my foot down! The great thing is mum sent me a drying rack so I can hang my clothes out to dry in my room and save money on a tumble dryer (£1:30). The washing machines are so expensive (£2.60) – and if you don’t have exact change then they don’t give you change back! Plus, the machines only accept any coin above 10p so that makes it even harder to get the exact amount. I had to put 20p in when I didn’t have a 10p once and it took 10p off me. Daylight. Robbery.

Although today I went to the washing machines in a different block and it was only £2.50. Bargain 😉

Today I’ve done a super mini shop at Aldi, although I couldn’t resist buying the cutest mini pumpkin ever in the mixed squash section. 


My little munchkin 🙂

 I also bought what I believe to be a spaghetti squash – so watch this space there might be a tutorial of how to make it coming up soon!

I went for a run today with Ellen. This is actually a big deal for me – I haven’t run for 4 months or so because during my exam period my hamstring kept getting inflamed after running for more than 10 minutes, and my knees hurt (although this is probably a side effect from the intensive rowing as well). But we ran for about 20-25 minutes and my legs feel fine! So there is hope! Especially as a few of the lads in my flat signed us all up to run a 15k mud run in March next year without telling us. It isn’t cheap either!

We’ve run out of loo role again in the flat – rationing has become desperate! So me and Fran are probably going to get some when we head into town once my washing is done today. I intend to get a much earlier night tonight I can tell you. Even if it means using ear plugs again!

So yeah – there’s my update for now! Watch this space for some more recipes 😉 I made some great applesauce this morning!


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