Being Charis… And some Russian

Before I begin I want to give a little shout-out to my wonderful Dad – it’s his birthday today and I’m so sad not to be there right now ‘cos I’m sure I’d have given him a massive hug 🙂 


I’m a little eccentric. I think eccentric is the word? Ok – maybe quirky. That sounds about right! For example – I cycled the whole way to Aldi yesterday for a pumpkin. Yes. And then when I brought it into the kitchen and my flat mates saw it, they were like, “how are you going to carve it?” To which I replied, “carve it? No way I’m gonna make pumpkin purée out of it.” So there I was roasting this massive pumpkin. 


My autumn squash collection accumulating on top of my printer in my bedroom 😉


Pumpkin Pancakes – using only 3 ingredients!

But hey, after I puréed it – there was a little left over which wouldn’t fit the jars I have so I made pumpkin pancakes!! They turned out really well and tasted great, if a tiny bit bland… Working on flavour! I’ll make them again and post the ingredients etc in another post some time 🙂 
So… Life. It’s still happening I can tell you! Break dance is good, gymnastics is good. Russian is great. I’m finding my Spanish oral lessons a little too easy :/ this means I get quite bored in lessons…. The grammar and translation classes are good though. They challenge me a little more. If there’s no challenge it isn’t fun you see. But that’s just me for you. That’s mainly why I picked Russian. For the challenge. I can say a few things in Russian now:

Я говорю по-русски – I speak/am speaking in Russian.

Они говорит, что Марина живём в Лондоне – they say that Marina lives in London.

Но я знаю, что она живёт в Париже – But I know that she lives in Paris.

Слон на крыше – the elephant is on the roof (always useful!)

Banging out some prepositional case there 😉 basically, the reason Russian is so hard isn’t because of its alphabet. Yes, you have to learn that, but it’s the cases that get you. There are six. 

The Nominative Case

The Accusative Case

The Genitive Case

The Dative Case

The Instrumental Case

And the good old Prepositional Case. 

Personally I like the prepositional – it seems straight-forward enough. Very basically, if you have a в (“vuh” – meaning “in”) or a на (“nah”-meaning “on” (as in, on top of something)) you add an -e (“yeh”) on the end of nouns ending in a consonant. If the noun ends in -а, -й or -о, you take off the last letter and add -е.

It’s only if the noun ends in -я (“yah”) or -е (“yeh”) that you add an “и” (“ee”). 

I won’t explain what happens with the nouns ending in soft sign, but it’s seems kinda simple to me. Fancy learning now? (Bear with me – it’s good revision to try and explain it to someone else!)

I added a whole list of vocab to this amazing app called quizlet which lets you test yourself on vocab etc except predictive must have changed it up because some of my words went in wrong and it didn’t save as editable by my Russian class so they were all trying to figure out who Chorizo12 was on quizlet to try and sort it out! I didn’t admit it was me because I didn’t want the arrogant lad in my class to be annoying about it ( he later added a correct vocab list and called it “vocab list without the mistakes of chorizo12”). I admitted it to my teacher alone after class and she laughed but applauded me for putting so much time into making the list. Oops. 

Not going to lie…. I’m getting quite tired now. I’ve not been sleeping very well this week – not since a small incident with one of my flat mates. (Please forgive me not wanting to divulge too much!) it’s been dealt with but I still feel slight tension and it’s tough. In first year, you get who you get in your flat. There isn’t an easy way to change.

Last night I went to this place called Wagamamas with some of my break dance crew – I couldn’t really afford to buy much so I went for a smoothie (it was called raw and it had carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, apple, and orange and it was pretty good!). My friend Mia had beef ramen and my friend Hannah had dumplings. Matt had pad Thai and I don’t know what Jonny had but it looked good. I am getting better at going out with friends. We chatted and had a laugh. It was ace 🙂 before back home i was really bad at this.

This morning, though, my flat mate Josh said he walked by us break dancing in the forum last night on the way to a meeting and he saw me break dance in the cypher. (When you aren’t battling one-on-one and you’re breaking in the circle with friends it’s called a cypher). Awks – although at the same time I’m kinda boosted by it. He said I looked good! Feeling more confident now and it’s kind of a good thing I didn’t see him seeing me – if you get me. Otherwise I’d have messed up big time from the nerves 😛

But today is a rest day – I’ve strained something in my thigh from gymnastics on Monday so I’m not doing more training although I really want to. 

I’m going to my first community group today – it’s basically a Life Transformation Group or Development Group. I’ve been put in the Wednesday one for Grace Church and I’m going to try it out. My friend Josie goes so that’s a definite plus – at least I’ll actually know someone! 

So yeah… That’s it really. Oh no wait – I have another job interview at a place called the Magdalen Chapter Hotel AND they are going to let me have a stall at the Student Traders Christmas Fair for my business!! So excited 🙂 

But yeah now that is everything! I’ll be posting some more recipes soon! I can even post the pumpkin purée one 🙂 Aldi sells ’em cheap so it’s a good time of year to try it. 


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