Homesickness dissected.

Ok this is hard to write. Know why? Pride. Yup. That’s why no one says if they feel like they want to go home and see their family or friends… they are too proud and so desperately wanting to show off and prove themselves to their friends that they will not shed a single tear, even admit, that – shock horror! they actually miss their old life. Maybe even just a little piece of it. This makes me angry.

Being honest, I am a “people pleaser” through and through – I hate making people angry or upset with me, and I hate people looking down on me if I couldn’t tough something out on my own or for a little bit longer. Being even more honest – I came to uni determined to enjoy it to the max and have no problems, and absolutely on no conditions be homesick. But tough luck I guess. One month in, one month full of flat parties, no sleep, tonnes of (fun, but at the same time) exhausting work and processing to do (I’m talking about Russian here), and I kinda want to go home. Just for a few days. It’s not helped by the fact that most people’s parents have managed to come visit since the Drop Off at the start of Freshers Week or they’ve managed to pop home for a weekend and I haven’t.

At some point, especially if you’ve come straight from college/A-levels, you’re going to miss the familiar from back home and it’ll hit you just how massive moving to uni is.

Don’t get me wrong – the independence I have here was very much needed and welcomed. But I want a small breather. And this is ok. Recommendable, even. Huzzah for reading week. Hopefully, all going to plan, I will be popping home for a few days ๐Ÿ™‚ They better have stored up lots of hugs for me. Gonna need them, here at uni they have been few and far between!!!

Students: don’t conform. If you’re homesick…. IT’S OK. Everyone is, they just hide it. Except for maybe those that have had a gap year. In which case they just had it a year earlier than you. Try and ring home or skype or facetime. It helps ๐Ÿ™‚


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