Go for it.

I flipping love Aldi. Seriously, shop there. You will save so much money! 


All of this grub for £18.66!


My shopping list for this week 🙂


I always write a shopping list – it means I get what I actually need and don’t over-spend. I was able to get so much more out of my shop this week because I didn’t opt for tuna and I still don’t need to buy any meat (that box deal has lasted me two months!) Beans, though strictly not paleo, and definitely not Whole30, are much cheaper. So this week I wanted to give them a go 🙂 Aldi stocks kidney and butter beans and chickpeas…. And as my family well knows, I love (understatement of th century) chickpeas. 

The good thing is that these are OK as long as I know that my body can handle them. Which it can. All the better for me! And my purse – beans are a cheaper source of protein. 

I know that I’ve talked a lot about paleo and how great it is – and it IS great – but I did always intend to have to continue slightly due to price. Hence the tradition of beans. I’m not going to be able to do that box deal again any time soon – although I might get some individual things for a treat – so I’m going to stick to fish (Cod and tuna are slightly cheaper (in Aldi) than chicken and mince) and beans. I’ve even found a place that sells black eyed peas! Recipes and experiments will follow no worries 😉 

But yeah generally feeling good. Sleeping a little better now which helps! I managed to get the guts up yesterday and go and practice my break dance moves (a.k.a train) in the Lemmy (sorry – Exeter lingo. It’s short for the Lemon Grove, the student club on site and virtually right outside my accommodation (Lafrowda)). 

I’m working on my back spins, handstands and cartwheels and round offs and headstands, and other things like the six step and three step and the coffee grinder. (It’s ok you don’t need to know what they all are! Although if you’re interested you can type each one into YouTube along with VincaniTV and some sweet tutorials should ensue 😉 ).

My Russian is really coming on! I can say more than I think!!! I’m having a conversation with two girls in my Russian class on Facebook (it’s homework for next week – we had to come up with a basic dialogue).

But yeah – getting to the point of the title of this post…. 

I was invited out to dinner tonight by a couple in the church. At first I thought they had just invited me, but it turned out the we’re having a load of other students over – warning bells went off in my head straight away. I don’t know abou you but meeting new people is exhausting and scary! I texted my mum about what I should do, and she nudged me to go. Of course I was hoping she’d encourage me to stay home and relax or something. Nope. And of course she was right – I did go and I did enjoy it. The couple even made me a gluten and dairy free cake – they have friends with intolerances so they already had all of the ingredients and it was divine! 

Stepping out of your comfort zone is something you have to do a lot at uni. There were a few time I debated not going to gymnastics or breakdance and tried to talk myself out, but then I went and really enjoyed it. Sometimes you have to just go for it. 


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