So. Much. Work.

Piles and piles of it. Literally, before I even got into week 2 of my course I was behind. Know why? One word: Reading. Yeah, you have to read. A lot. Because just turning up to  all your lectures, although helpful, is not going to get you a top degree. It figures – but there is so much to do and it’s easy to feel swamped. Basically, there are things you have to read for upcoming lectures, and then on top of that there is a bibliography for that module – which means about an extra book, several hefty PDFs and some lengthy videos to catch up on PER WEEK. So next week, there’s another set of each. Good thing it’s reading week next week. But shhh – you didn’t hear that term from me. Of course I mean “opportunities week”. But basically everyone goes home to their families. We don’t really get half terms at uni – sad times :/ 

A few of my flat mates have come down ill recently. It’s probably the combination of late nights and tonnes of work. My flat mate Rob went to hospital to have a hernia operated on quite suddenly and he’s now back in Wales with his family recovering. Fran had had a cold/flu for about two weeks. Sarah has had a cold, Ellen’s had a cold…. Even Trevor and Josh I believe. But not me. I have a sneaky suspicion that it might be for two reasons. Ok, make that 3.

A) I don’t drink and go out loads so I get more sleep generally than everyone else. 

B) God has really shown me just how much he’s been protecting me over the last four years or so… Throughout the last four years -some of the most difficult and yet self-discovering years of my life in fact – I have only contracted about 1 cold. I didn’t even have an ear-ache or lose my voice!

C) I consume (in numerous ways) a lot of ginger. Yup. Ginger. 

Casually sipping on my beetroot, carrot, apple, cucumber , lemon and ginger juice after dinner tonight 🙂

This little juice has about 1 tsp ginger in it and it gives it a great zing. I also treated myself to a Gingerbread Nákd bar because on Wednesdays my lectures don’t stop all morning and I needed a snack. (It’s all the walking uphill to get to classes probably!) 

Ginger is actually one of the healthiest spices on earth – containing this thing called Gingerol (original, I know!) but bottom line is that it is very anti-inflammatory and has an antioxidant effect. So it’s good for joints too. But basically the active ingredient (Gingerol) helps fight infection. Woopie 😉 (there’s an article here for a list of benefits if you’re interested – )

Anyway… Gosh I love my granny she really spoils me! She sent me a lovely poem which she used to give girls that left the school she taught at and I thought it was great 🙂 I pinned it up straight away on my wall. She also included a sneaky £20 too – and that is enough for a weeks worth of shopping for me! 

I love my family. I get to see them next week because I am going home for the last 3-4 days of reading week. I’m kinda ok with that – it means I actually will do some work in the first half and then I’ll be able to relax a bit more when I’m home. I have a couple of assignments too which are due in so that’s a bit scary but hey I’ll give it my best shot I suppose! 

Speaking of loving…. I learned how “to love” today in Russian. I also learned how “to walk” (without the use of any form of vehicle) but that’s another story. Anyway – to love is любить (literally “lyoobeet”) and I love you (which of course was the first thing I texted to my parents after I was able to figure it out was я люблю вас (“ya lyooblyoo vas”) – this being the plural form of you… It’s kinda funny because I love you in the singular you form is: я люблю тебя and to an English speaker, it doesn’t really sound all that romantic. It’s pronounced “ya lyooblyoo tebya” which one of my class mates aptly described as sounding like you were puking in your mouth. Hmmm… Ooh ooh highlight of the week: my Russian keyboard stickers arrived!! 

For about £4.50 I got some see through stickers with the Russian characters on them and they just stick right on. So. Cool. 

Mmm still sipping my juice 😉 bare with…… 

I should probably post the recipe. 

– 1/2 Granny Smith (although any Apple would do it would just make it sweeter whereas I like bitter, zingy tastes!

– 1/2 a large beetroot (I used an already cooked one) 

– 1 medium carrot, top and tail removed but NOT PEELED. Washed!

– 1/2 lemon ( Aldi had a sale on lemons last Saturday so I indulged.

~ 1/4 cucumber (it needed using!) 

~ 1 cup water. 

1 tsp ginger! 
Then I just blended all of the ingredients in my nutribullet 🙂 I was recommended in an article interviewing Ella Woodward (of Deliciously Ella) to make sure I had one for uni and it has been a useful thing to have I can tell you! I mix everything in it, my pancake mixture, wraps mixture, juices, smoothies… I also have a food processor which has helped me make my own cashew and almond butters 🙂 yum! 

Sorry the post is short for today… I did include pictures though! Unfortunately when I woke up this morning the light was too dark outside to get a good shot of my coconut porridge. Such a good breakie to warm and fill you up for a cold wet morning!

Now I need to stop blogging and get down and solidify my Russian and read, read, read! I’m hoping to significantly diminish my work before I go home next Thursday 🙂 think I can do it?!


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