Fajitas: a personal favorite

Make that a family favorite too! Fajita Friday has been honored… On a Thursday – but still. It’s the chicken’s fault! It was calling to me!

I had no lettuce or tomatoes so I finished off my packet of cooked beetroot and it actually went really well in the wraps 🙂

I happened to discover that I had one chicken breast left from that massive box deal from Pipers Farm when I thought I’d run out. A true moment of joy! This meal is actually really student friendly in terms of price and simplicity. Even making your own wraps like I did can work out cheap.

Ok so here’s how you do it:

For the fajitas: serves 1


1 chicken breast (mine was fairly small)

1/2 onion.

4-5 button mushrooms

~ 1/2 tsp Cayenne pepper

1 tsp paprika

~1/4 tsp cumin

– black pepper and salt as desired

(Other vegetables you can add include but are not limited to peppers, garlic…. Etc.)


Put oil in a frying pan and add the onions. Then add the chicken once the onions are translucent (see-through). Then add the mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are browned and the chicken sealed, add the spices. Then allow it to cook (still stirring) for another 5-6 minutes until the chicken is done.

Put to one side.

For the wraps: stupid easy paleo recipe!!


– 2 eggs

– 1/4 cup arrowroot powder/tapioca starch*

– 1 tbsp coconut flour*

– 1 tsp coconut oil

– 1 tbsp water (I often add a little more to make the wraps spread more in the pan.

*If you’re thinking, where the heck do I find these ingredients, don’t worry! Holland and Barrett do them, but I normally find cheaper health shops near the high street so it’s worth looking around your area. They should be listed online. You can also buy these ingredients online from Amazon/EBay/PerfectlyPaleo.co.uk etc.


Melt the coconut oil in a tall thin container/ small jug. (Containers like these make pouring easier). Then add room temperature eggs. They need to be room temperature because otherwise the oil will solidify again. Beat with a fork until mixed. Add the coconut flour. Beat with fork. Add the water and beat again, then beat in 1/2 the arrowroot powder at a time, scraping the sides down and the fork to make sure that everything gets incorporated well.

Heat a frying pan/skillet over medium-high heat. Pour a big pool of the mixture into the pan and then use the pan to spread it by holding the handle and turning it sideways and round in the air, then put it down again. Alternatively you can use the back end of a spoon to spread the mixture out.

When the top of the wrap is dry but not fully set, flip it onto its other side for ~30-40 seconds. Then remove it from the pan and repeat. Depending on how much water you put in, you should get 3-4 wraps from the mixture 🙂

Make a salad – lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot(!), peppers, etc and if you have an avocado (which I didn’t today) make guacamole! (Recipe to come!) you can also make your own salsa but that’s another recipe you’ll have to wait for I’m afraid!

Munch away!


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