I’m going home!!

I bought my tickets today!!

I’m hopelessly bad at selfies – do forgive me! πŸ™‚

I’m officially going home next Thursday to see my family! It took me a full-on hour to walk to the station, get the tickets and walk back, but I managed to get them a lot cheaper than I thought I would. Β£15.70! I thought it would be anywhere upward of Β£25 – just for a single with a railcard!

Today I feel like I’ve been round the works and back – and all before lunch! Aldi trip obviously – with my new bike basket πŸ™‚ then into town for some bits and bobs which Aldi doesn’t do. It rained on the way back and all the time I was in town, but then cleared up in the afternoon into a pretty (but chilly) afternoon.

I made almond butter today! I had to do it in my room so that it wouldn’t disturb anyone – and I smothered my food processor with my hoodie and Christmas blanket to muffle the noise! The recipe will be posted shortly! I splashed some over banana slices for a small snack while I worked on some Russian exercises πŸ™‚

So delicious! I also made meatballs!!! First time ever and they tasted so good! Serious adventuring in the kitchen happening right now. Β I love it πŸ™‚

Half of my flat mates have gone home, so the flat is quite quiet. No competition for the hobs at mealtimes! Tonight I had an interesting discussion with the last remaining flat mates while we were all cooking tea together – they grilled me with questions about Jesus, what’s the trinity, why do I love Jesus, what denomination am I, what’s non-denominational…. To be honest I couldn’t answer them all that eloquently. No idea what God is doing at the moment to be honest. One guy said he had loads of questions about it all but he wouldn’t bombard me (because everyone else at that time was!) I wished they’d all been in in the text-a-toastie night a few weeks ago. Basically, my Christian Union hall group does this thing where you can text us at our base whether you want a chocolate or cheese toastie, and any question about Christianity and then we bring them the toastie and answer the question. I was out that night so I couldn’t take part, but they were too! One things for sure, it was weird to have to explain stuff about my faith that I’ve known my whole life and assumed that everyone knew – things like the story of Abraham and what the trinity is.

Good news… I’ve almost got through all of my homework sheets so now I can just focus on my assessments as intended. Fingers crossed and praying hard everything is in on time!

Oh…. And I got the job at the Magdaelen Chapter Hotel πŸ™‚ my trial shift was last night and it went well! They could see I’d done this kind of thing before so that felt good! We’ll see how it fits into my life but hey I now have a source of income other than my parents πŸ™‚


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