Up early.

Guess who got up at 6 thinking it was 7 because her watch doesn’t automatically change?! Me. But I don’t mind!! I got to watch the sunrise as I took the bins out. They were overflowing again and way too heavy for me but I managed to get them out to the big bins. The sky was all pinky and orange 🙂 I get an extra hour all to myself – I’m not going to complain! The only downside is I had my breakfast too early so now I’ll want lunch early too! 

I’ve got plenty of time before I need to go to Grace church so I can do some work and maybe some yoga or something. Maybe I’ll go for another run?! Nah too lazy this morning! Occasionally I do yoga because it’s great for core and arm strength. And stretching – I’m quite flexible so it helps me stretch completely and get rid of knots in my back. Oh and don’t worry – I would never make myself live through a breathy meditation-y video. I pick ones which are just focused on activity, not meditation. I’m just not into that stuff personally.

My beanie is my new joy 🙂 I wear it a lot – it’s a slouch one! Because it’s been raining a bit recently it’s so useful. Especially as my hair becomes a serious health hazard when it meets humid or moist air. It just becomes a massive frizz-ball!

Still amazed at the convo I had with my flat mates last night. It was so bizarre. One of them, Rob, had been saying recently how you just never know if any moment could be your last. It’s possibly because he had this sudden (hernia) operation, and he’s actually waiting for another one for his knee which he busted playing football a while ago. His surgery has been delayed again, and he’s literally not allowed to do any exercise now – not even swimming. So I guess he’s in that kind of mood – you know, thinking about life and stuff. 

Maybe that’s why he initiated the conversation last night. It’s hard to explain it… I’m aware of how crazy it all must sound to someone who doesn’t believe… Three in one? God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the same guy? Huh?!? One of them actually asked what the Holy Spirit was. I’m not perfect, and my answers felt so inadequate. I’ve no idea if God can use them to sow seeds… That’s in his hands now. 

God is teaching me a lot at the moment that’s for sure!

Short post guys – like I said I have some extra time! Happy Sunday 😉 


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