Reading Week

I’ve been working all day every day for the past 3 days to try and get my workload down! So far, so good. I have to submit an assessment online by Friday, and it’s almost done. The other one is for next week so I have a bit more time but that one’s almost done too. So feeling good right now! Just loads of reading to do (as usual) so I’m reading my pdfs on Evernote, which is this great app that lets you clip and save things from the internet and then annotate them afterwards. It’s pretty cool.

The flat is super quiet now there’s only 6 of us, four boys and two girls. I thought initially it would just be me and Rob, Trevor, Ted and Alec at first but then Bex came back today 🙂

It’s kinda nice… But hey going home tomorrow wooo. It’s a 3 hour train journey, but still. Counting down 😉

I finally remembered to turn the grill on yesterday and grill my grapefruit with some banana slices and cinnamon!

Thought I’d just share that.

Anyway…. I read a great article by Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella recently which I found really helpful.

Here it is – I recommend you read some if not all of it.

It’s about finding the right balance for you and knowing what your body needs. I’m really interested in this stuff (as you can probably tell) – and what’s more interesting is that now people are starting to realize that not one “diet” fits all and actually we should all find our own personal mix. I heard a saying once, something along the lines of, healthy is a dress that fits everyone differently.

I think you should eat stuff you know is going to make you feel good. Personally this includes lots of fruit and veg, beans, eggs, fish and meat, with not a lot of sugar (I actually prefer bitter tastes anyway) and little to no refined food.

I am in no way placing this on anyone – what you eat is your decision. I just wanted to put that out there so people didn’t think I was promoting any particular “diet”. It’s about a healthy lifestyle. Diet doesn’t come into it.

Oh yeah… so I had my first shift at the Magdalen Chapter Hotel last night! It went well and I have another one tonight – only 5 hours for the moment as they want to break me in gently. I actually thought I was going to be there for 6 hours so this was a nice surprise! I needed my sleep. They are so much nicer there than at the Costa franchise were I worked over the summer. The pay is less though – minimum wage, which is about £5.30 an hour, but hey I need all the money I can get! Student…. hellooo 🙂 But its quite a fancy hotel – 4 stars I’m told. It got quite stressful last night for the chefs – it was busy for a Tuesday I’m told. I think busy is better – the time goes quicker when you’re running around not thinking about it. Sometimes business is good.

Most people don’t bother getting a job in their first year, its usually second, third and fourth years that go for them. So I’m an exception to the rule. Most rely on their parents’ support. I’m probably going to still need support judging by how much I’m going to be paid, but a little on the side will help things. It means I might actually be able to buy some clothes. I just discovered that my favorite pair of leggings has ripped down the seam slightly. Sad times 😥

It also means I can pay for my ticket home at Christmas and for other holidays. Unfortunately we don’t get a reading week term 2, so we have to do the most we can this week and over Christmas!

Better get back to editing my submissions for my assessments. Fun stuff 🙂


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