Three reasons to go home in term 1 (before Christmas)

I was hoping to have ten reasons but in the end I realised three would be enough! 

  1. Free food. (This isn’t in order of priorities ok? It’s just the shortest one!) Enough said. 
  2. Your sanity. At some point, your flat mates are going to get on your nerves (if they haven’t already), the workload is going to get to you, the stress of being in a new environment fending for yourself a lot more is all going to come to a head. So before you scream and destroy your room and rip all of your hair out, go home. Seriously. Being somewhere familiar is going to preserve your sanity.
  3. Family. You have them. You have to go see them eventually. And besides, they make a good audience to tell all of your crazy uni Big World stories to. (Doesn’t matter if they already read it all on the blog – they shall be told it all in minute detail again!!). Plus, they know you and what you like and don’t like. You’re more relaxed around them (hopefully). And you get hugs too! My mum, for example, bought about 3 bunches of bananas for my homecoming. True love right there 😉

It felt strange walking home through a familiar city from the train station though, not going to lie – like I was going on holiday to my own home. You’ll get me when you do it 🙂 

Oh and trust me – you will not be able to take everything home especially if you’re only going for a couple of days! I cut what I was taking by a lot as I needed to get back on the train! 

I went into town today with my lil sis (not so little anymore!) and got some essentials. Oh, and socks!

All of mine have holes in! 🙂 

My family is going to drive me back on Sunday and come to Grace Church with me so I’ll be able to pack a few things I forgot before. So yeah, back to my crazy (but much loved) hometown – I’m off in a few to change some bed sheets with my mum and grandma in preparation for the Crow Family Bonfire Night Gathering (an event worthy of capitals, trust me! (I have a big family. As in really BIG)).

Oh and we’re having fajitas tonight – family fave. Fajita Friday!

Peace out 😉


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