Everyone needs an Angela :)

Let me explain! Angela is our fantastic cleaner for Block F. She is so thorough and actually manages to transform our flat from a grunge hole into a decent living abode 😉 she has some serious bad-ass skills (and chemical cleaners probably too) – and she also makes us cake. She made pumpkin pie this time. She even made the pumpkin bit herself like I did with my pumpkin a few weeks back. 

Serious love ❤ She also made us mince pies I think.

Unfortunately she’s away for 8 weeks for an operation 😦 The sub cleaner isn’t quite as good.

Hey ho – I’m back! Sorry about the pause in posts…. I’ve had some busy time catching up on work I didn’t manage to do over reading week. I chose to not do a lot of work when I went home because I wanted to enjoy being around my family for the precious two days I got to be there. I got more sleep! And I participated in my sister’s Halloween scary dance thing on this tour you could book into. On the Saturday night everyone baled so it would have been just three people doing it if it hadn’t been for me. We got to draw on ourselves with UV sharpie pens! 

Then we went home and joined the rest of our family for an engagement/early bonfire night bonfire and fireworks display (the latter we missed because we got back so late!).

Caught up with some of my aunts and uncles a bit, but we went home fairly promptly because Mum and Dad drove me back to Exeter early with my siblings so they could come to Grace church with me and spend the day in Exeter! Beth and I trawled some vintage shops and we had a coffee/tea/hot chocolate in Cafe Nero to finish, which a quick Skype call to my grandparents and aunt from my other side of the family to say hi since we were all together!

They also took me to Aldi, so I didn’t need to do my massive trip with my bike and basket for a week. Mum bought me some chicken and some sterile wipes for the toilets. (Yes, it can get that bad in shared accommodation!). Fortunately Angela cleaned today so I enjoyed the clean toilets and showers 🙂

So yeah, that’s it. I’m stuck here till Christmas. I have a couple of shifts coming up at the Magdalen Chapter Hotel, they are long but hey – money. I have handed out my CV on campus though because I want to try and get something closer to home. I think it’ll be too much time wasted just trying to eat, get to the MCH, start work, finish, and then cycle all the way back up the hill that is Pennsylvania Road. And after an 8 hour shift on your feet, the last thing you want to do is use your legs to pump yourself up a long, gradual incline – a real leg burner as I call them. It’s not ideal, but hey, I’m praying about it all. If it’s what God has in mind for me this year than I’m just going to have to lump it. But I’d rather work an 8 hour (better paid) shift in one of the restaurants/cafes/pubs on site and walk 8 minutes home. Makes sense?

I also have a cold. The second cold in 2 years! Despite my consumption of ginger…. it just sprang up on me yesterday afternoon in my last Russian lecture for the day. I actually had to leave to get a tissue. Today it was a little worse, although now I’ve spent a few hours in my warm bedroom working (this is my break!) I’m not feeling the symptoms as much. Thank goodness.

Break dance tonight – If I can bring myself to go! I should go really, I’ve missed a few sessions over reading week. Just not sure I want to do it with my cold. Also, my arms hurt. A lot. I did a lot of things involving arms in gymnastics yesterday. So my shoulders are really sore. And break dance uses your arms… It’s also really frustrating when you’re a beginner at something; you feel rubbish in front of everyone!

I guess I’ll decide closer to the time. I need to revise now for my Russian test on Thursday.

That’s kinda it for now……


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