Hello again – yes I’m still alive! 

Busy busy week – lots going on! So I’ve got the new job at the MC Hotel but they’ve asked me to do 15 hours this weekend and 27 (?!?!?) next week. Which I can’t do. No student could. No student should have to. Ok, yes I could do it…. But I would probably self combust in the process.

I learned the hard way during my a-level years what happens when you take on too much. 



Panic attacks.

…..So I’m reluctant to do it again.

 I’ve emailed the manager and the agent who helped me find the job is going to speak with him on Monday when he gets back from holiday. It should be fine. 

I’ve actually applied elsewhere on campus, hoping to get a better paid job which is more convenient. None of them got back to me so still praying. On site, shifts are usually only 4 hours-8hours long, but they’re more flexible and understanding because they know they are hiring students. It’s what I need really. Plus, at the MC Hotel they pay minimum wage, whereas on campus it’s almost £8 an hour. It just makes more sense. 

Last night was wonderful. I was invited by some of the older students at Grace to a Grace Girls evening 🙂 

We had lasagne/shepherds pie and we ended up playing Bananagrams, which, for my family, is basically Take Two but with slightly different rules. We also prayed together 🙂 my friend Esther from F1 came (block F flat 1 – I’m block F flat 3 (Lafrowda – one of the halls)), and also my friend Siân from Moreton, where apparently J.K. Rowling lived in her first year studying witchcraft 😛

Siân, funnily enough, is also doing Spanish and Beginners Russian – so we’re in a lot of the same lectures.

I shared a bit about my job situation and one of the girls suddenly was like, hey, I work at the Ram bar on site, I can put in a good word for you to the manager, he’s hiring right now! I’d already handed my CV in so she texted him right then and there. Praying even harder now 🙂 

Housing. Some are panicking now. Too early I’d say to panic. Sure, think about it, and if you want to be super organised then book somewhere. But, *mythbuster alert*: the housing will not run out. There will still be some even up to exams in the late spring! 

Some of my break dance crew asked if I might want to join them in a house next year, but I’m not confirming anything yet. It’s important to pick the people you’re going to live with carefully. You have to live with them for a year. I actually asked Esther what her plans were last night. She was like, my flat is splitting up, but you could join me! So I was like, yeah! I’d rather do that – I know her a lot better than the break dancers. I’ve had to skip a couple of sessions recently due to being ill and my workload in preparation for the limited hours I’ll have this weekend now that 15 of them will be spent waitressing. Im going shopping in a few and it’s not raining anymore but the wind is very strong and gusty. Could be a scary ride but it’s the only time I can go. 

Had some interesting debates with Ted and Rob (flat mates) over the last couple of days. Ted wanted me to agree with him that we should legalise drugs, and then yesterday Rob wanted to know my opinion on homosexuality. Sensitive subjects huh? It was hard, because I don’t think they really wanted my opinion, it was more that they wanted me to agree with theirs. I tried to be honest and had to say I don’t know a few times. It feels like they are testing me. A lot. 

I won’t have a lot of time to make this into a longer post today as I start work at three, but I have to get there so that’s the 30 minutes before that, and I have to pack my stuff because I still don’t have a uniform yet. It just takes too much time out of my day to be worth it. I also need to pack snacks because I don’t know if they’ll let me have a break! 

Wish me luck/pray for me! 


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