So blessed

Sorry about the lack of posts lately! Work is piling up and my job at the hotel is proving to be a bit too much on top of that… Just feeling the pressure!

I have assessments left right and centre, some count, some don’t! My Russian homeworks take me hours because I have to look up lots of words – and sometimes I have to go over an entire section of grammar again before I feel like I can do a good job of it. Such is life as an ab inicio Russian student I suppose. I’m told it’s notorious for being the language with the highest rate of drop-outs. I know that at least 4 people in my class have asked to drop it but can’t until the end of the year. Our group was small to begin with but its getting smaller!

Yesterday I met up with a girl from my community group called Bethany to have a chat over coffee. We’re both ‘worriers’ – and prone to shutting ourselves in our rooms when our flat mates get too much and trying to plow through a ton of work…. So we decided to meet deliberately to prevent us from doing that! She’s really lovely and it was nice to find out more about her family etc. She is studying to be a doctor of some kind! I’m told that medic students’ motto is ‘Work hard, Play hard’ – so she finds it difficult because all of her course mates are drinking and partying hard to ‘let go’ from all of the work they have to do. We both agreed that going to Church and community group helps to get out of the bubble and we feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards from speaking to people of different ages, some of whom aren’t students (at least, who aren’t anymore!) and being prayed for. We’d had such a stressful week that when we split into our ‘huddle’ groups to pray for each other at the end, Bethany and I basically splurged what had been going on and were really surprised to find we were in similar situations! The other ladies who happened to be in our group all prayed for us and it was so lovely to be cared for like that.

After that one of the ladies from my CG (Judith Kimber) took me to Aldi in her car so I didn’t have to cycle 🙂 she also fed me Wednesday night before Community Group – she and her husband James are so kind to me! They’d found a £20 note that morning outside their work and they decided to give it to me as well… and that is how much I spend each week on my food! I find it so hard to accept their want to just love me – it’s really special when people just want to love you like that.

I think of my family a lot – I can’t believe my first term is almost over and I’ll be going home for Christmas soon. Time is really flying. It’s quite reassuring when you look back and realize just how much Russian you’ve learned, just how much you’ve been through in 9 weeks, how much you’ve learned about yourself and being an adult outside of the classroom. Or should I say lecture theater? Anyway… it’s amazing you you adapt and grow over time.

I’m just finishing this post off while my ‘No-Fuss Salmon Cakes’ are in the oven – it’s another Whole 30 recipe which I haven’t tried before. Just thought I’d use this little scrap of time to update the blog and post something else! I’m hopefully going to get outside and take some more pictures soon – I’ve been meaning to for a few days now, but I’ve been so busy, and what with the mornings and evenings being darker much more quickly it’s hard to get the right light! I guess I need to experiment more with night shots.

Have a good week everyone! 🙂



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