Ups and Downs 


Voila! Shoulder freeze 😉

My crew is planning a flash mob next Friday in the forum which will be ACE 🙂 I haven’t been for the last few weeks due to stress and not feeling very well, so there’s going to be a little session today so I can learn the routine before we do it next week.

*Good news!* I got a job at the Ram Bar in the Forum, and have handed my notice in at the Magdalen Chapter Hotel. I’m feeling a lot less stressed now, even though I have to work 2 more shifts this weekend. At least I have Saturday off to go to Aldi though.

I had a bit of a mare trying to locate my birth certificate which my mum had sent me for the coffee #1 interview to prove I’m myself… and after turning my room upside down and talking to my mum on the phone about sending the other (and more expensive one) by next week, I found it, pinned to my massive notice board, in the envelope mum had sent it in. Thank goodness!!!

I’m slowly breaking myself back into running. It’s quite casual – ok, VERY casual! I go for a run one week, then don’t for another three…. Ok, so I have gone once a week two weeks in a row now (counting last night!!) I ran to Aldi and back – the only long route I know. But I did it in a loop so it wouldn’t be the same way on the way back. All in all it was 5.03 miles/8.09km (according to mapmyrun – great site), and I ran it in ~48 minutes, which is pretty good considering I’ve had such a long break over the summer.

So that was awesome 🙂 I didn’t realize Josh and Ellen (flatmates) were going on a run and left just before them so we didn’t meet even though we went in the same direction (but I ran further!).

I’ve been having some really interesting conversations about Christianity with my flat mates recently as well so I’m praying for them a lot 🙂 I guess Jesus must be using me after all!

So excited right now about my new job, Christmas (it’s almost here!) and looking forward to going home soon for a break before exams!

Oh, and for a fun read, check out this article – its all about my accommodation 🙂 It’s funny because I’ve been here and most of it is true 🙂



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