Hello New Year

So I’m back! 

Sipping some tea (Whittards – a Christmas/late birthday present from by best friend!)

I don’t know about you but I had the best Christmas ever this year. I saw my whole family, had amazing quality time, and got some amazing presents. Oh, and to top all of that, my best friend Ellie and her amazing family CMR down too for New Years (and the week leading up to it). So I’m feeling all loved up and ready to get back into the swing (although it was so hard coming back to uni after such a great holiday…). Hopefully over time it will get a bit easier – but at the moment for me it seems to get harder each time I go back. It feels like I was only in Worcester 5 minutes ago! 

Ellie and I have been best friends since before we were born! (She’s 4 months older so it’s kinda true). were more like sisters now though and we can tell each other anything – we are 100% comfortable with being ourselves around each other. I miss her so much already!

With minimal revision, I’m lucky to not have freaked out in my exams, but seeing as I had no holiday over the summer I guess I needed to have a proper relax! In the last few days before I swotted up and did some smart revision and just hoped for the best :/ I do NOT recommend this method at all and it was entirely my fault! 

Having the flat to myself initially was nice – it was all clean and tidy! But now everyone’s back its gone back to its old state. Blocked toilets and showers, dirty plates and pans around the sinks… I guess I’m home again. 

Now that exams are over I’m catching up on work and fitness. I’m easing back into running and my muscles are recovering much better than before summer last year. 

I’m feeling hopeful about this term, I think it should be a little calmer now everyone’s had exams and settled back in. 

Easter feels like years away but I’m sure once term starts I’ll get stuck into my modules again – with a lot less stress this time thanks to my new job! 


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