Term 2

Here we go…

So now that I’m back into the swing of things, my homesickness isn’t so bad. It was pretty bad during exam week which wasn’t exactly helpful when trying to revise. I think having had such a good Christmas with family and friends, it was hard to come back to reality, especially when the hat means that every time you come home to your flat you have to face two rather difficult characters that like to quiz you about every taboo subject so they can take down your Christian view.

Phewww… Enough on that or the whole post will turn into a rant! 

But basically I ended up with what’s known as the “January Blues” which many first years suffer but do not admit as openly as I do. 

So yeah there were some more parties over the last week… I had to clean one of the toilets today as someone had been sick in it last night and it was unusable 😦 lurrrvely!) 

Trying to sort housing is tough and my friends and I are going to need a bit of a miracle! There are now 6 of us and we need a lower budget than most :/ all the places we rang weren’t available so we’re hoping they’ll call us back, but there weren’t many houses left for that many people! Fingers crossed and praying hard! 

Russian is going well although we’ve added another case to the mix – so just one more to go! (There are 6!).

Spanish is picking up too now that I’ve been added to an advanced oral group – I was buzzing after the class on Thursday! My schedules still busy and although I only work 8 hours at the Ram bar per week it’s still a matter of balancing work and clubs etc. 

Working at the Ram is sooo much better than at the hotel. I’m friends with most colleagues almost instantly and there’s more variation in what you do each shift. You might be washing up for an hour, then serving curly fries for another, or prepping food the next. 

 I played in the worship team today for the first time and played Russian scrabble with my friends Josie and Siân too which was fun but tricky.

So yeah that’s most of my week for you 🙂 so tired but feeling a little better about being back 😉 bring on 2016!


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