Why I had the best day ever today!

Oh my gosh it was amazing šŸ™‚ ok it started off pretty standard… Two morning lectures, then lunch…. Normal routine. Then – gymnastics happened. And not just happened, but I’ve actually improved. Last week I was so miserable cos I just wasn’t strong enough to get to the bar and flip myself up like everyone else can. I couldn’t do walkovers…. The room was packed with cheerleaders too which didn’t help… The stereotype is kinda true unfortunately! 

But today… My flexibility was on point. I could hold myself up with my ARMS for a second whereas last week I couldn’t… I literally have the skinniest arms ever and push ups are horrid because they HURT. 

But this happened….

And this… I’m so much closer than ever!!! 

I also managed to do a (slow) forward walkover!! I did somersaults without a stepping block (onto the spring board) – they need some work but STILL. I’m absolutely pumped and I can only put it down to yoga (lots of chaturanga – aka tri push ups) and an insanity workout I did which focuses for block one solely on arms (and it’s really hard so I had to do it on my knees). 

Absolutely amazed šŸ™‚ it’s the best thing ever when your goals begin to become reality.


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