Sushi and other adventures….

I made sushi. In my room. Yup. These are my best ones;


The reason I made them in my room was because I have a lovely big desk so I had more space and it was less awkward not having to explain what the heck I was doing to everyone that chanced to come into the kitchen. The reason I made sushi was – well, curiosity and the adventure of making something new. And random. I don’t know… It tasted good though. I added a squeeze of lime juice on top and that made it taste even better. But I need to perfect the recipe if I’m gonna post it on here!

Thought it was about time for another update on my crazy student life. I went out to The Old Firehouse the other night with my future housemates and it was really fun. We had a great evening chatting, even though it was so rammed in there that we had to wait for an hour to get a seat!

My wonderful mates

Left to right: Esther, Jenny, Matt and Mia 🙂

They are a lovely bunch! Esther and I shared a pizza and the others ordered separate ones, although they are so big that they had to get them wrapped in tinfoil to take home! It was so great to all get together like that.

Special mention to my granny who has sent me the new Deliciously Ella cookbook which I’m super excited about and ready to get really stuck into!

I have so much work at the moment it is not funny anymore. I can’t think about it all at the same time (not that anyone can) but it feels like my brain will explode if I think about it too much. So I’m trying to prioritise and get through it little by little, but it’s hard to balance the work they set with the extra going over grammar and reading around the subject which I badly need to do, plus a job and a social life and the different clubs I’m signed up to. I haven’t been to chamber orchestra in over a month and I’m STILL struggling even with that extra evening.

Ed and Josh are showing interest in maybe coming to some of the ECU (Evangelical Christian Union) evenings to find out a bit more which is AMAZING. There’s this thing called Christianity Explored which is on Monday nights and the guests get a free meal. I’m just praying for them and hoping that God will really show himself to them.

Work at the Ram is ok, although my boss has only given me one shift every other week because apparently my availability is too low, but I just check the shift swap page for any going free and make it up that way.

But yeah – generally feeling really well and full of life 🙂 Most of my friends and flatmates etc. have been really ill – probably because they are run down as it’s half way through the term. Some seem to be permanently ill! I’m lucky just losing my voice for a few days. My throat didn’t even hurt that much, and my concentration suffered a tiny bit, but I still made it to all of my lectures and things.

So yeah, thought I’d give myself a break and write a quick update and not worry too much tonight about work!! I have most of tomorrow to get something done as my shift is 6-10pm. Hope everyone else is having a good week!!!



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