Spring time finally! Ok so it came a bit early this year but still – daffodils are everywhere and the weather has continued to be mild. We’ve had the warmest summer ever – I don’t think I can remember having one so warm throughout my entire life!

Lots of work as usual – this time I am reading up to get started on my summative coursework essay (summative means it counts towards your final grade for the year). This is my Latin American History module – so on a positive note it means one less exam next term. Term three is basically just exams – there won’t be any teaching. I’ll be done by the end of May. Then that’s it – first year over. Survived. Thank goodness.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve learned so much being here. But my flat is starting to get a little hard to live in! I think it’s natural anyway as most of us won’t be living together next year, so we have better friends on our courses etc. But things have gotten a little difficult recently for some reason – I’ll spare the details, I’m not going to back stab or gossip. I’m just being real about how things are. Unfortunately you don’t always get on with your flat mates. I’m just glad that next year I’ll be with people who I’ll be able to relax better around 🙂

I’m still loving the student life – the discounts (get an NUS extra card it is so worth it!), self catering and experimenting in the kitchen, my course (although demanding I love the challenge of it), and church and stuff. Making new friends too. It’s great!!

Someone said to me once that uni either makes or breaks you. I think it does a bit of both. It breaks down what you used to know and think and brings out your weaknesses; but it makes you into an adult, brings out your strengths and beliefs, helps you reinvent yourself and become who you are – it’s such a great place to do that.

I’m definitely a different person from the girl that got dropped off on the 13th September last year. I’m a different person from the girl that got dropped off on the 1st January this year! It’s like a character growth spurt I guess… hey that’s not too bad a description/simile/metaphor. (I don’t know which one it is, but something along those lines!).

I’m considering some tricky career stuff at the moment and just praying God will guide me through it all. No idea what I want to do but there are some amazing offers out there and languages can take you almost anywhere! The good thing is, I don’t really need to sweat about it until after my year abroad as I can’t really consider a job until I have the language nailed! But obviously networking and experience are important.

BIG NEWS: I can finally do somersaults in gymnastics! All the hard work payed off! So proud 🙂

Woke up today and made the best porridge ever. I love that stuff – every morning I have it. Oats, frozen raspberries, frozen chunks of banana and hemp milk 🙂 my goodness it was good – I’ve run out of dates though which would have definitely  taken it to the next level! Forgot to take my phone with me to snap a picture but I may make it again so I’ll post it if I do! Here’s a shot of my banana and blueberry nicecream from yesterday for you 🙂 it was sooo good – basically it’s my nicecream recipe from before but with 1/2 cup blueberries instead ❤ Here’s the link if you want to try making it:

There was more in the cup than this but I’d eaten it already!

Have a great weekend 🙂



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