No idea what to call this!

Hello again – sorry about how sparse my posts have been recently! I have kept complaining about work, but I’ve also been ill recently! It’s been cold then hot then cold again so I’ve caught a massive cold and have an earache and sore throat too which is joyful so I’m keeping to myself in my room again. I was also ill over the weekend, so yeah I guess I’m taking a few days to get back to speed!

It’s the second to last week before the end of term 2 and then I finally go on holiday! Well, I go home, not necessarily anywhere exotic – but it’s a change and I feel like I need it. Plus the family will be there (mostly – I’m so jealous but my lil’ sister Beth is going to Spain to brush up on her Spanish before her final exams and my dad is going to Chile for his work too…..).

I have to admit I’ve been partly avoiding certain flatmates too – some of them do get on your nerves from time to time; but because I don’t want to pay an obscene amount of money to hop home for two days I’m going to stick out the last two weeks as best as I can and make the most of the amazing weather. And hills.

My running is really taking off! I can finally run again and it’s amazing! I have so much more energy now and I’m feeling truly amazing. And since starting to wash up first and then eat in my room a bit more I’ve had less digestion problems. I think sometimes the atmosphere in the kitchen gets to me, and because certain members are funny about you leaving anything in the sink for any longer than 10 minutes (or it ends up in the bin or hanging out of the window) I’d got into the habit of not sitting down to eat, and scramming it down and then washing up and getting outta there asap. Naturally my body began protesting. So now I just eat in my room more and it’s so much better, especially as I get to appreciate my cooking skills a bit more šŸ˜‰ I’m definitely looking forward to sitting with my family for meals – although it’ll be hard adjusting to meal times again! As a student, life is a bit spontaneous so you kind of eat at random times.

Also, my gymnastics gains are fabulous. I’ve never had so much muscle – especially in my arms! I’ve been working really hard to do more push ups and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) work outs since letting it all slide with my leg injuries last summer and honestly I’ve never seen such fast results. Like I said a post or two ago, I can do somersaults. Ok, so I can only do them in a gym with a spring board and mats, but STILL!!! Better than before!

Obviously being ill means I find it harder to do any exercise but I’ll get there – even if I just do yoga today. It really helps me stretch out and get rid of the knots in my back (from revision!).

I’m chomping my way through an absolute bargain I found for Deglet Nour dates, they are sooo good in porridge and stuff especially as my bananas aren’t quite ripe enough yet to eat so I’m leaving them in my cupboard a few more days.
I’ve got a lot of reading to do to gather sources for my coursework essay for one of my modules, so I’ve been reading pages and pages about dictatorship and politics in Chile. (Another reason I’m jealous that Dad gets to go there in a few weeks and I can’t!) I think maybe in my gap year I’ll try and go to Latin America as I’ve never been out of Europe (going to Russia will take care of that!). I’d also love to visit Machu Pichu in Peru. (Hope I spelled that right!).

Lots of plans šŸ™‚ I just hope I get to go to Spain this summer with my family – as you can probably tell I will do ANYTHING to speak Spanish and go to a Spanish speaking country. This might change after my Russian experience but for now I just want to go to Spain.



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