End of term 2 (almost!)

So I’m still ill today (have been all week) and I didn’t know what to do with myself other than go to Aldi to do my final mini shop before my amazing mummy comes to collect me on Thursday. I fully intend to sleep for a week when I get home!

Basically, after a horrible day yesterday… I woke up this morning with the desire for pizza. And I hate pizza. I know, what’s wrong with me? I’m possibly the only human being that doesn’t like it! But I figured if I made it myself, it might not be so bad!

So I did – and honestly it has to be the best pizza I’ve ever tasted – NOT KIDDING guys this is serious.

I’m in love. I like pizza again. Sweet potato crust pizza. Ooohh yeah. AND it was so cheap to make! Perfect for the student. Don’t worry I’m definitely gonna post this recipe because I have a picture of it and it would be too selfish not to share…. But WOW 🙂

I am wowed. Officially.

This pizza hit the spot because yesterday I had two summative exams back-to-back, the first was my Spanish oral and the second was a Russian test. Both count towards my final grade this year, and both were equally traumatic. Coupled with the fact that I’m ill and can’t hear properly they were just the worst thing. (I think my sinuses are inflamed or something because I have a cold, and somehow I can’t hear properly anymore! I also have a sore throat).

I walked out of the Russian one early having answered only half of the paper and barely holding back tears. I had to pull myself together in a nearby disabled toilet just to be able to walk home. And to make matters worse I started crying again when I got home in front of my flatmates. Fortunately Ellen and Sarah gave me some hugs (or ‘cutches’ – as the Welsh (and therefore Sarah) say!) and Ellen talked me down from my unhappy place. Then my other friend Charlotte took me out for rye bread toast and a smoothie at the Boston tea party. By the time I got home I was in a much better state I can tell you!

I’ve never been so pooped before. I think everything just built up and got to me and the fact that I had exams and couldn’t concentrate properly because of my stupid ears just made it burst. I could hardly hear what the other people were saying in my oral exam and it’s meant to be a debate… Plus they were all jumping at the opportunity to talk more to get better marks and I couldn’t get a word in. My teacher did take it into account that I was ill – she’d actually sent me home from a lesson the day before so she was really understanding about it and I guess she knows how well I can speak Spanish because she’s had me all term. Let’s just say I didn’t do my best – and that’s probably what upset me the most.

I’m currently lying on my bed recovering and working before my shift tonight at the Ram. Nothing too strenuous – I’ve already been to Aldi and I’m all stocked up. Thoroughly relishing my pizza food-baby and sipping some water to keep hydrated. But I’m NOT STRESSING. I need a holiday so bad. I just need to push to get my summative coursework essay done and then I’m home.

I’m so grateful for such amazing friends. Charlotte has taken me out a couple of times before and she always insists on paying and she makes me really feel at ease again especially because she’s been through similar experiences in her first year. I’m so gutted she’s in her last year and won’t be here next year! She helped me get my job at the Ram and we have only had a shift together once this term. I’m gonna miss her. Not just her, but a few others as well. Josie, who’s made me Russian food and played Russian scrabble with me and checked my homeworks over for me occasionally… and Clare, who introduced me to Grace Church in the first place.

Why does this always happen? *sigh*.

I can only hope that I can be as generous a friend to some fresher next year that needs a hug and a chat and a coffee/cake. I’m already praying for that opportunity.

But hey… just 6 more days to go!!!!



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