Home for Easter

I’m going home tomorrow!!!! So excited… I’m literally living off banana nicecream and eating all of my leftovers so I don’t leave any food in my fridge behind!! I’ve packed some books and things, but the brunt of my packing will happen tomorrow. It’s so annoying packing everything and then realising you still need your toothbrush or something!

Gymnastics was hilarious today. The break dance crew came (only 4 of them) and they were trying to do somersaults! I’m sooooo close to being able to get onto the uneven bars and I can do somersaults now – I just need to work on landings and I should be able to do it on the sprung floor. I’m gutted that I can’t really practice over the summer though…. the gym in Worcester doesn’t take adults, although their website says they are open to all ages. Disappointed. I’ll just have to practice walkovers in my garden and handstands in my room and stuff 😉 I’ll keep my fitness and flexibility up. I’ve managed to get myself a pull up bar for my doorway and I’m going to get a resistance band to help me do pull ups. Arms and core – perfect. I’m so sad that we won’t have access to the gym next term during the exam period either!! Oh well, next year!!!

This is only going to be a short post because I wanted to do a quick update before I submerge myself in  my essay again (due tomorrow at 10am!) and go out for dinner tonight with the Grace Church Gals 🙂 We’re going to one of their houses for a meal and probably to play some games and talk and stuff before Easter. It’s gonna be ace. See you all soon – I’m probably not going to post much over Easter as I’ll be revising and with my family, and this blog is more about my life at Uni anyway…. So yeah bring on the holidays – I so need one!


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