This post is going to be a little bit different from the normal update ones. We’re gonna get kinda deep and personal. You’ve been warned! So this was probably kinda obvious really from my previous recipe posts from over the last few months… You might have noticed that none of them had meat or animal products in the ingredients list. So yeah… the reason for this is, in short – I’ve gone vegan.

Shock, horror! Doomed to a life of celery sticks and hummus… maybe salad too. Heck no. Hopefully I’ve already proved that that is definitely not the case! I’ve honestly really enjoyed the journey so far, and I know that when I first started this blog I was all ‘Paleo is the best – paleo is amazing!’. Thing is, I was eating sooo much meat. I was probably not eating enough carbohydrate. And I was eating tonnes of fat and anywhere between 2-6 eggs a day. So I gained about a stone, I felt horrible, and my digestion was messed up. My fitness was going down-hill because I felt so unconfident and the injuries I was getting definitely didn’t help (might do a post about this sometime soon as I’ve had some interesting developments in this area.)

I don’t really know how I initially heard about the vegan diet/how it got brought to my attention. I never thought I would ever go vegan. Ever. It’s actually more a surprise to me than my friends and family in some ways! I think I started watching some youtubers videos which I’d stumbled across by accident. I don’t know, but they recommended the Starch Solution…. and I read it. I also watched Cowspiracy and Earthlings, and I was shocked. Shocked at the environmental effects of the mass production of meat and dairy. Shocked at the mal-treatment of the animals. I had no idea just how bad the situation was. I guess hadn’t been exposed to the truth of things as I wasn’t a big documentary watcher (when you do A-Levels you don’t have enough time to breathe let alone watch tv programs or YouTube channels!!)

I think before, I was kinda like, oh the animals are just given an injection or something and its all kind and stuff. Also, as a Christian, I believed what my parents had always told me – and what they’ve been told themselves their whole lives about food – which is that animals were given to us to eat. That  meat is protein, that milk is calcium. I also had this (silly) prejudice about vegans and vegetarians – that they were sickly and ill all the time because we need meat to be healthy, that they were all silly people that were overly emotional about animals. I was so wrong.

Having overcome an eating disorder in my past, I wanted to be careful. I didn’t want to cut out major food groups and end up wasting away again, going back to where I started over 3 years ago now and picking up the pieces. Thank goodness I am stronger than that shadow of a girl I was – I know now that I am the daughter of a King who loves me just as I am – I am perfect in his eyes. Everyone has bad days, but this truth has taken hold in my heart deep down and I’m not letting it go this time.

That’s why I did my homework. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be restricting my body from the nutrients it needs. Its a temple and it needs nourishment – especially after what I’ve put it through. Turns out, I don’t need to restrict at all with a vegan lifestyle. I can eat such a massive variety of foods, and know that I won’t be deficient in any way – but also that I am healing the damage done in the past, ensuring a better, happier future, having thousands of lives and helping my world be a healthier place in the process. I’m still working things out, but this has been such a positive step for me and I am glad that I know I am doing it for the right reasons.

This decision might not make sense to everyone – I get it, I used to eat meat too, remember? But I don’t miss it. Not even a little bit. This lifestyle suits me well. It’s compassionate and positive. And I needed a little more of that! I think everyone does 🙂

I’m not asking you to agree – I’m just being real about my decision. Maybe it’ll only last a year. But sometimes these things have to be tried. Feel free to comment about what you think and if you have any questions, I would so love to hear from you! This is probably the first time I’ve mentioned my eating disorder in a post, and if it strikes a chord with you then a) I’m sending you a massive hug – it’s a tough place to be and so painful emotionally and mentally; b) You can conquer this! It doesn’t have to ruin your life; c)  I really recommend a lovely lady who has an amazing YouTube channel and I wish I’d known about her when I was going through all of that stuff. It’s called Thisgirlaudra. I might post more in the future but I know that this is a sensitive topic so I want to be careful about how I talk about it.

Anyway… that’s a lot off my chest. I just wanted to be real and honest. Hope that’s ok 🙂 Until next time, just know that I am ok, I’m doing great, I’m surrounded by my amazing family and friends, and I’ve never been more happy to be alive!

2016-03-28 10.55.40-1

P.S: I’m gonna make a Why Vegan page hopefully to just explain a bit more about what’s going on and why I feel like it’s really important in terms of the animals and the planet. Stay tuned 🙂


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