Nearly through this :)


I know I know, I’ve not really posted in ages. I’ve been revising for my exams – and I can now happily say that my Spanish exams are over and done with. Now for the main Russian exams. I have the writing one this Friday, and then my exam on Chekhov’s plays and then lastly a two hour (yes two hour) Russian listening exam. I’m freaking out a bit but just trying to cover my problem areas in the grammar and listen to Russian as much as possible. Anything and everything. I think good luck is удача in Russian (pronounced “oodacha”). 

I’ve been doing a bit more yoga recently to stretch my muscles out (still can’t run – no sign of my new insoles yet) and cycling and walking to keep active and not just sit in my room all day! Fresh air y’all. I need it. I mentioned some of the issues I’ve had in my flat over the last year – these make me really stressed (more than my exams) and make revising quite hard, but my personal tutor and I have been filling out a special form that might help examiners take this into consideration should my grades suffer. (Because I got ill during but especially at the end of term 2 and missed a load of lectures and had to do some exams even though I felt like I had flu!).

Gymnastics isn’t on at the moment because the club can only afford two terms at the gym… We’re still hoping for two sessions a week next year! I’m just praying I can afford it :/ break dance is even more casual (if that’s possible) so basically sessions are just turn up if you aren’t revising …. And I’m just not really going! I probably should at some point but it’s too much to think about right now! 

I’ve actually been going to CU a lot more recently and it’s been nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen for a while. I’ve invited my friend Esther to come and maybe stay with me at my house over the summer and she said she’d love that so that’s exciting 🙂

Went to my community group last night – it got too big and had too many people so we’ve had to split 🙂 I saw my other friend Bethany there – she’s having a really hard time finding somewhere to live next year because her friends and people she’s asked keep saying they can give her a room and then giving it to someone else! So we prayed for her. I actually had a erase for someone – this is the second time in my life that’s happened. God is awesome 🙂 

Holidays are coming…. I can’t wait to go home – I think I’m just ready to go back a step and be in a familiar setting again. I’m still not sure if we’ll actually go abroad over the summer. People ask me if I’m going on holiday and I just don’t know. It depends on if we can affort it! Then they ask why don’t I just go on my own…. I’ve never gone on holiday alone or just with friends…. it would be weird!! Maybe I’m old fashioned in this way but when I think of holiday I think of my family and we go together.

I am probably going to stay an extra week after exams to work and earn as much money as I can before summer and next year. Hopefully I’ll stay sane!!! Anyway… Probably should get back to revising now 🙂 


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