Done and dusted.

Finished! All of my exams completed… hell-loo summer! Not quite though. I’m staying in Exeter an extra week to work at the Ram and for the Dartmoor Kitchen Catering Company to earn as much money as possible before I go back and potentially get another job back home too. Work work work work work….

But we’ve booked 2 weeks at the beginning of August for a holiday so maybe maybe maybe I’ll be going to Spain (fingers crossed!)… It would be a dream come true and I would love to speak Spanish so much again argh I can’t get enough speaking in! 

A few years ago I’d have said I was quiet and shy and not a very social person or good at communication at all…. I guess that that just goes to show how you can change so much in a short space of time! I mean, I can be social now, but I still need a bit or recharge time too! But I’m going out with friends way more now and going to clubs and societies at uni definitely helps with this. 

If you ever visit Exeter go to he Old Firehouse… they serve the best food from 12pm onwards! Best student pizza hang out too

It’s strawberry season – another thing I can’t get enough of! Iceland on the high street does this amazing deal of 2 for £3 so I get about 800g of strawberries most weeks! The co-op is also doing a similar price… Wimbldon is nigh! 😉

Lots of fruit and veg yum yum yum. I’m looking forward to next year living with Rsther and Jenny and Matt and Mia in our amazing premium ensuite flat (ooo-er) 🙂 

So yeah that my first year done. It’s gone a lot quicker than it felt like it would… Parts of it have been hard but I’ve survived and still want more, and that feeling alone tells me that I have made the right choice going to uni. 

So far I’ve been working at the ram and catering at weddings – no celebration yet. 

This is a picture of the cake at the wedding I catered at yesterday all day. It was so tiring but the feeling afterwards is really good. You feel satisfied… Even though you just want to get straight into bed and never wake up! My legs were throbbing once I finally lay down! 

It’s a good way to earn a chunk of money in one go though and you just dig up to shifts as and when. Fortunately the team is friendly. It’s tiring though – emotionally and physically, so I try and space these shifts out! 

Today I should make it to church although I had to pull out of playing in the worship team as I was so tired and I didn’t get round to practicing the songs :/ it pains me to do it because my parents are worship leaders and I know it’s annoying when someone pulls out! 

I think today I’m going to relax a bit before my shift at the ram tonight. Yeah work every day! I’m not doing anything tomorrow though unless something comes up unexpectedly with the ram (if someone needs a shift covered)

But yeah I’m hopefully coming home this weekend wooo I’m excited 🙂 


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