Beginning of the year

Something I’m learning is you literally cannot judge people – you don’t know what battle they are in right now – they are just too scared or afraid to show/tell you about it, or they don’t feel like they can reach out to those around them to keep them afloat. I know, a bit of a sober start to my first post of the year, but I’m telling you that judging people is so worthless… People surprise me all the time.

Freshers week is the perfect week to meet new people, so maybe that is what has inspired my mood.

I’ve had two flatmates pull out of living with me in this flat this year, for various reasons of their own, and I have already got freshers flu – sore throat, ear aches, headache…. But I’m still going. I’ve literally been working in the Ram kitchen every day since Sunday so I’m taking advantage of today, my first whole day to myself, to chill out and write this post! I also have an “interview” with a company called Deliveroo tomorrow – they deliver food from top restaurant chains by bike. Hopefully I’ll shake my cold and be a bit more alive by tomorrow! My friend and flatmate Mia has had her hands full all week rehearsing for the Breakdance show off thing tomorrow so she’s exhausted too.

I finally slept well last night – first time in ages and I think it’s a testament to how much I’ve worn myself out in just 3 days of non stop work and moving around!!

I moved into my new room/flat on Saturday with the help of my mum, who I miss a lot already… 

It’s a lot bigger than last year, with loads of storage space and an amazing en suite bathroom – to me this is like a luxury as last year (if you guys have been following you’ll remember) that I was in a flat with 11 other people and we had to share toilets and showers and it was minging. So this year we have amazing en suites in every room and a lovely kitchen area etc and it’s just so much better like this. I forgot to bring so many things… Plates being one of them!

I think it just shows how far I’ve come. The fact I do forget things, the fact that I can laugh at myself now – before I would not have been able to do that.

Also…. my new bike has proven to be amazing already – I have panniers and a rack attached so I can even out my food load when I go to Aldi or just to town etc. so I won’t be risking my back breaking this year 🙂 Yes I’m still going to be doing my crazy trips to Aldi even though the trip will be like 10 minutes longer – better NOT forget my purse this time (this happened twice last year, but fortunately Lafrowda was close enough for a quick trip home).

Cello playing is tricky as although my flat mates love it there are also the ones that live above and below me to consider, which limits the times I can play in as not everyone wakes up at 6:30am like I do! However I’m playing at a wedding this Saturday so practice is crucial! 

Tonight I’ll be going back to my community group and getting stuck in again… just going to do my best to find balance this year. Last year things got hard when I was trying to balance work and social life… but also in the flat things were really strained – I won’t go into too much detail but two of my flatmates were not the easiest to live with and this made it hard for the rest of us as it made for a bad atmosphere, which is not what you need when it’s your home and all of your work/making new friends/adulting for the first time is stressful enough.

So yeah I have high hopes for this year and I guess this is just a introduction to my year kind of post. I’m not actually sure if I’m going to keep up this blog – let me know if you actually enjoy my posts and want me to keep going because I’m not really sure what I’m doing this for anymore – I kind of set it up last year for any students wondering about their first year at uni and what it would be like, and also to share some recipes etc. but now I’m a second year it’s different. I know what I’m doing now and I’ve got a years experience under my belt. So please let me know!

Back to relaxing for now…..



One thought on “Beginning of the year

  1. We love reading your blogs, Charis! Please don’t stop! We love to hear what you are up to, what you are enjoying and how you are managing student life – even the bad bits! Hopefully there won’t be too many of those! It’s so long ago since we were students! Grannyx

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