An answer to prayer…

So my last blog was a bit more serious than my normal posts… but I was being real and honest – life isn’t always hunky dory! 

This week has gone so much better and I’ve been ploughing my way through my work so that I can do fun things this weekend 🙂 it’s one of my friends’ 20th birthday and I need to get her present tomorrow, and it’ll be another friends birthday next weekend so I am probably going to look for something for her as well. I’m also about to run out of paper… a vital necessity as a student! 

I love my weekends because I get to be more chilled and do things at my own pace 🙂 

I’m in love with autumn right now and all of the colours. As always here are some pics I’ve snapped through the week:

Mmm all the feels… apparently it’s snowing else where in the UK right now… but that hasn’t reached Exeter yet (even though it’s 4 degrees C outside right now!).

My year abroad plans are moving along and even the second round of this group project we have to do in Spanish is going quicker than I thought which is a complete relief. Even my friends’ depression is lifting, and she’s so much happier this week (an answer to prayer – God has literally turned that situation around and it’s worked out so well.) 

I have to admit at the start of the week I wasn’t in such a happy place – but then last weekend I got locked out of my room when the reception staff weren’t in and had to ring the out of hours security to get let back in (you use a fob but I left it in my room to put something in the kitchen and forgot to put my door on the latch so it closed on me!!) you get fined £30 for ringing the out of hours people so it was very frustrating especially as I’m juggling two jobs right now so money is a bit irregular. Also, is it just me or have priced in Aldi gone up? Please tell me this is cos it’s winter and not because of Brexit?? 

Anyway… things are coming to an end and it’s an answer to prayer because I was freaking out about everything I had to do and get through this week. I’m feeling encouraged…. and I hope that if you read this you’ll feel encouraged too. Sometimes we have bad days, or weeks or even months but that’s all they are – short periods of time which will pass. It’s all about how you handle it. If you let it get you down too much and give up all hope of getting through, it’ll just drown you. But if you hold on and try and trust that something will come of it and the storm will pass, you’ll come out stronger and realise that there was nothing to worry about really. 

Something I’m learning anyway! I’ll update on my Year Abroad plans soon when they are more concrete – it should be interesting for you all to follow my adventures in Spain and Russia! 


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