The Hermitage

Today, I went to the Hermitage museum for the first time in my life with my new friend from uni here in St Petersburg. We walked around for 3 whole hours, and only left because the museum was closing (at 6pm). We still have a whole other floor to see!!

As students, we should have got in for free but because we didn’t have our student cards yet from the uni here we had to pay 700 roubles each, which is a lot, but we figured that it’s one of the best and most famous museums in the world and is probably worth the cost (around £9-£10).

There were so many paintings and so many rooms where the Romanov family lived up til the revolutions of 1917, and there was no way I could take pictures of all of it! But I did get a few and I’ll post them in here. I’ve been having trouble getting my pictures to stay attached to my blog posts so hopefully they’ll appear!


2 thoughts on “The Hermitage

  1. Looks beautiful Charis! I totally remember learning about the Romanovs for GCSE history. It’s so cool that you’re there where they were! Hope you’re enjoying Russia, have an amazing time and stay safe. Expect to see lots of beautiful blog posts 😉 x

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