A few things you didn’t know about me.

*Deep breath* I secretly pretend I’m a unicorn and dance around my room in a bikini.

NOT! 😉

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been 100% honest with you all (my lovely readers), and forgotten to mention one very important detail. I am a business owner. My business page is on facebook – it’s called Glow From Within. (http://www.facebook.com/charis121996 – add me and then I can invite you to the page if you want to see!).

Basically, I work in conjunction with a 40 year old company in the health and wellness sector, which is actually set to be the next trillion dollar industry, with massive annual turnovers of around 2.8 billion already. It has an amazing product range that underpins the fantastic business opportunity, which is flexible and I currently work it around my studies (previously around my two part time summer jobs). It has changed lives. I can show people how to make more money than their boss, and build up a six figure income in over 3-5 years. Incredible right? Sound too good to be true? Well maybe you and I should have a chat about it and I’ll explain it better 😉

But yeah, I had a wonderful planning meeting today with my mentor Cassandra Gillgan. She is so encouraging and she really inspires me. It’s so nice to connect with people that are from your ‘home’ sphere.

Anyways. Today – I have hall group this evening. Thankfully I am going today so I will actually get to meet people and solidify some friendships which is always great 🙂 I’m hoping that my flatmates aren’t seeing me as being really annoying and ‘Christiany’ – you know, fitting the stereotype “Christian”, because I totally DON’T and never intend to. I have a faith. I believe in God. I see him as my best friend and my dad, and he’s right here at uni with me, doing my degree with me, and making friends with me. That’s how I see it. I don’t see pews and rules and incense – it’s not rigid like that…. I just see it as – raw, real life. You know? (If not, we REALLY need to chat 😉 ).

The other day (might have mentioned this already – so pardon me if I’m repeating myself – *note to students* prepare yourself for your brain becoming like a sieve. Diaries are recommendable!) one of my flat mates randomly asked me ‘Are you a Christian?’ Already I knew from his tone and expression that this was going to be a debate as far as he was concerned. I was right. He wanted to point out why he believes the Bible is a load of rot and why Christians are silly. He also added (defensively) that he was atheist. (They usually (say they) are). So I asked why he asked me that, and we discussed it. I tried to explain what my faith is like, how I’m non-denominational. How the Bible isn’t what he expects.

I had to go eventually. But my friend Ellen continued arguing my case (she’s a Christian too).

Situations like that are hard. I don’t pretend to know all of the answers. And I think that’s actually OK. Because at the end of the day no one does. Right?

Today I was mortified – I missed my first lecture. Actually, it wasn’t so bad – it was my oral class. But still, I was mortified. I emailed my teacher straight away once I realized and fortunately she offered for me to come to one of the ones on Friday to catch up. It wasn’t really my fault as normally the oral lesson would have been on a Friday at 4:30, except that she’d changed it for us so we wouldn’t be so tired! But the timetable didn’t change until this morning or something because I didn’t see it (and trust me I check that thing very regularly). So fortunately this time it wasn’t such a big deal.

Tonight for dinner, I had a venison burger (from my Piper’s farm Box – I still have so much left from it, it’s proven so cost effective! I’ve only used 4 items and these have made me at least 10 meals already – I still have a whole drawer full of meat! (my flat mates thought I was crazy but then they realized how I’m the opposite and just quite practical!)). I also had 1/2 avocado and some parsnip chips 😉 yummy

2015-09-30 17.38.30-1

For those interested, the parsnip chips were made by peeling the parsnips then cutting them into chip shaped wedges, then roasting them in coconut oil for about 30 minutes with some paprika and mixed herbs. I did some food prep on Saturday so I wouldn’t have to think too much about meals during the week. I also roasted leftover chunks of butternut squash in coconut oil – MARRIAGE made in HEAVEN!!!! The left overs were from my meals the week before – I made a chili con carne with butternut squash (it was divine and lasted 3 days!)

But yeah, still going strong and loving life. I got so many parcels today it was awesome. From Mum and Dad mostly. And some ear plugs and things from my Granny to help me sleep while my flat parties over the weekend!!!

Feeling very loved and special – I’m so lucky to have a great family who support me 🙂